The Gigglefits
The Gigglefits
The Gigglefits

I'm Having Trouble

album: The Gigglefits
genre: Alt
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Lost my singing voice due to my illness. This is the first full song I tried to sing in 4 years. I know it is not 100% but I felt good trying to sing again.
 I'm Having Trouble
Farrell Jackson
12/21/20 09:59:03AM @farrell-jackson:
A Cool slice of acoustic blues rock Tony! I didn't have the pleasure of hearing your before voice but this after voice has some real texture and promise to it.. Keep up the good work!


Queen Regina
12/21/20 05:53:59AM @queen-regina:
Tony you were one of the best of the best vocally before you got sick. I commend you for trying. Keep trying. Never stop. Ill never stop believing your voice will come back.


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