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Tiny Terror

album: Argue Street
genre: Pop
streams: 277
creation date: 2007-11-10

Tiny Terror
10/13/10 09:15:17AM @mark-reed:
This is excellent, guitar has a refined Rolling Stones grit to me. Rhythm is solid, but for me the vocal performances and lyrics are what makes this a cracker. Just loved it well done
12/02/07 07:15:59PM @diva:
Tight! I like!
11/10/07 06:12:47PM @self-tort:
Liked this a lot. Good rock edge but with a real commercial feel to it. Good quality vocals and backing vocals. Crunchy guitar and solid rhythm. Not getting much bass though through my speakers (it may be the fault of the speakers). May benefit from a bit more bottom end in the mix. Good track.
11/10/07 05:20:56PM @dazed:
very good tune. great job on the vocals and the backing vox with a catchy chorus.


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