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Going to Mars

album: Cranberry Colony
genre: Rock
streams: 351

  Song Lyrics
Verse 1All I need is a break from this routineHit the pause with full guns blazinI've always wanted to do things my wayIll take the shot/ never stop/ do it...
Going to Mars
01/24/17 10:27:35PM @nex-xzit:
Crazy HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/20/14 07:48:49AM @josephrodz:
Killer One!
07/26/12 08:05:39AM @the-autumleaf:
Superb!!!!! great composition..everything is great. Excellent harmonies, riffs overall big production ...excellent stuff
loved it

Jay from The Autumnleaf

03/27/12 08:45:01AM @cooter:
Wow! What a killer tune, guys!

This one gives me goose bumps. This is well written, the musicianship is wonderful, vocals and harmonies are smack-dab in the pocket, production is top drawer. Going To Mars rawks!!!

Sounds like a hit song, to my ears. Loved every moment listening!

And the child's laughter leading into the music break is a touch of class.

An amazingly fine tune.


Farrell Jackson
03/27/12 01:05:38PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm trippin' out on this cool song! Great playing and production. Ok, I'm Going To Mars with you. Enjoyed the heck out of this one!


03/28/12 08:40:14PM @marie-dailly:
Whoo! Listened to this with headphones, definitely the best way to hear it! Really enjoyed this one!
Well done boys, it's a good'un!


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