The London Project
The London Project
The London Project

Until the End

album: Day-Um
genre: Rock
streams: 197
creation date: 2018-03-28

Until the End
04/20/21 10:24:00PM @moequinn:
I love this TLP song ~ the intro always gives me a smile

The Gigglefits
04/20/21 09:58:46PM @the-gigglefits:
We are So loving this
Barefoot Music
04/06/18 11:57:03AM @barefoot-music-group:
Love the way this explodes into a power ballad. Incredible vocals!!
04/02/18 12:01:06PM @gary-hart:
Great production here...well mixed song with vocals and guitars that sit well through out the song! Very Nice!
Farrell Jackson
03/29/18 04:24:54PM @farrell-jackson:
Well done London Project ! You guys never disappoint with the songwriting, performances and production quality.


03/28/18 05:02:17PM @tlt50:
Lonnie....incredible song. Fantastic musicianship, lyrics, and vocals. Stellar performances and production, ***** On my show tonight. Thanks for sharing your music, bro! :)

Larry T.


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