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Go Away (Ft. Lorne Reid)

album: The Singles
genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
streams: 177
creation date: 2018-07-05

  Song Information
Special thanks to Lorne Reid for his outstanding contribution to this song.
Go Away (Ft. Lorne Reid)
10/11/22 10:45:48PM @moequinn:
sad to say this song is still so relevant in today's time
where bombs drop....make it stop...make it go away
featuring @LorneReid ~ adds a special touch as lead vocal...I've always liked his voice...just so natural

07/09/18 10:25:57PM @gary-hart:
Wow...that is some cool vocals recordings! 👍 interesting arrangements...well done Gents! 👍
carol sue
07/09/18 09:14:18AM @carol-sue:
Absolutely love seeing all the collaborations around here! :)
This song is lyrically heart gripping.. performed with passion
and produced with such heart. Pulled me in...
An overall great song, guys!!

07/07/18 11:19:54AM @wricky:
terrific, serious, musical and well done by yous guys , I like it bigly ~chairs !


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