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The Stars Above Us (Remembering the Humboldt Broncos)

album: The Singles
genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
streams: 249
creation date: 2019-02-26

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Tribute Video This song and video is a tribute to the 16 hockey players and coaches that perished in the horrible Humboldt bus crash. It happened...
The Stars Above Us (Remembering the Humboldt Broncos)
03/24/19 02:54:44PM @waveman:
a great soaring anthem of remembrance, I was at the tribute in edmonton rogers centre, this could've capped off the event
02/28/19 06:24:29PM @moequinn:
a 16 gun salute for the hockey players & coaches that perished on that day ~ excellent guitar playing & collaboration....awesome tribute
Gary Dabrowski
02/28/19 04:32:37PM @gary-dabrowski:
these tragedies are a solemn reminder of we don't know if we'll be here guarantees...nice job on the music/production guys
carol sue
02/27/19 08:00:56PM @carol-sue:
Beautiful sorrow.
Bravo! *****

02/27/19 01:49:19PM @piyali:
This is beautiful, caqpturing the deep sadness of that tragic event. The music is superb and Ron's guitar is brilliant! The whole production is amazing! I love it! Feel it!
02/26/19 07:44:55PM @lorne-reid:
Amazing work of art. Beautiful piece to honor them.
02/26/19 07:14:12PM @devilpocock:
A beautiful, solemn tribute to those who lost their lives. Awesome production.
02/26/19 06:59:18PM @david-c-deal:
Strong musical tribute. Fine collab between a couple of my favorite artists.
02/26/19 04:15:28PM @tlt50:
Beautiful tribute song for those that perished and their families. Production is always top notch. This was superbly arranged and performed. *****

Larry T

tony cee
02/26/19 02:03:01PM @tony-cee:
this is brilliant piece of work , superb mix catchy ,worth another listen , cheers tony cee
02/26/19 09:51:21AM @dirtzilla:
Very nice piece, well produced and I can see this track used for a movie theme. I love it.



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