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Be That Way

album: Argue Street
genre: Rock
streams: 345
creation date: 2008-03-24

Be That Way
07/22/08 09:16:24AM @blue-sahara:
Hey Lonnie, impressive how you've implemented the sound fx at the beginning; wonderfully genuine. Great sound all over the place, love the guitar work in here, the bass is present and delivers a great line; the vocals are perfect for this song.
Since you've titled this as a demo; I've got a a couple of pointers which you may (or may not) re-visit in your next update: I think you could boost the high frequencies quite a bit (a bit around 7000khz - and a bit more at around 10000k). The other thing I'd make more prominent are the drums. Perhaps a little tweak on EQ and a gentle boost in volume will do.
Love this song!

07/15/08 09:35:22PM @the-london-project:
Hey Brian, thanks for the review. This is one of those songs that runs a fine line between leaving it as is, and moving forward with some changes. I also think a song should have real drums to move out of demo as well. Because of this I'm not sure if this song will get past demo. It will always be a fun song for us though :) This song is actually off of our concept album a couple years ago. This is the song where things start to go bad for Norman (our character). He is pissed off from work and goes into a bar to get drunk. Ends up picking up a chick but getting ripped off and well... things began to SPIRAL (the name of the CD).

Wow, sorry about the rambling on...


07/15/08 08:09:29PM @self-tort:
Great rock track with a pop edge. Loving the guitar work and there's a really solid bass line giving extra propulsion to the beat. Like the added harmonies in the chorus, and it's a ripper hook.Agree with Dazed as to the vocals. They need to be brought forward in the mix and given more presence in my view. They sound good, but they're not cutting through the mix like they deserve to. Lovely tight rhythm changes culmnating in a very neat outro. Great track. Look forward to hearing the final version.



03/25/08 06:23:53AM @dazed:
Interesting opening. I like where you are going with it.

Tune has great potential my friend! Guitars are rocking and once the mix is cleaned up, I think this will be cool as hell!

03/24/08 10:14:23PM @henry-tarnecky:
Come on in and have a seat and listen to this... neat intro and great relaxed vocal delivery in a easy flowing fun time rocker. Good stuff man!
07/22/08 10:06:59AM @the-london-project:
airmeki44, thanks a lot for your comments. The things you have mentioned are exactly why we consider this song to be a demo. It does needs a bit of EQ and we will eventually be adding real drums. Thanks again!


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