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Sticks of Steel

album: The Singles
genre: Slow Rock
streams: 310
creation date: 2008-04-01

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This was previously posted. Tribute to my good friend Charlie. RIP
Sticks of Steel
Queen Regina
05/07/21 06:32:36AM @queen-regina:
Very heart-felt. Great song Lonnie. I was glad I got to hear it. Loved your vocal performance
The Gigglefits
05/03/21 07:34:37AM @the-gigglefits:
Beautiful song very emotional track
09/09/08 10:39:24AM @ab2:
Smooth well sung vocals...Lovely....Yep, have to agree here...Although I think the music is beautiful I think your vocal should be the shining star here...:-)A very nice listen..:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

06/24/08 02:36:52PM @tcp:
Quite a solid song...well conceived and played. Acoustic sound is well recorded and played along with the piano. Vox works so well -- great delivery. Very pleasing and yet gritty. I love that. Really good stuff!! ~Blake
The Doctor
06/15/08 01:25:59PM @misterh-and-the-old-school:
Sticks of Steel. Interesting title to a very unique soundin' number with the very cool subtle notes placed strategically. Very good song. Nice and mellow.
Good job.

05/15/08 10:00:35AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Very heartfelt tune, Lonnie! Very well done. Super vocals and great arrangement!
04/02/08 07:09:02AM @syngularity:
I like the thoughtful character and the rich and warm guitar sound. Wonderful voices and harmonies, bring 'em up in front, please.. great song.
04/01/08 12:38:16PM @brian-mattson:
Beautiful song, so well written and the performance is great. Don't be afraid to bring those vocals out front a little more. They are as Brian said "full of heart and passion". Excellent job!
04/01/08 11:45:59AM @mark-reed:
Good song this, liked the backing, but for me the vocal delivery made this track. well done
04/01/08 09:21:28AM @bri-an:
Enjoyed my listen. interesting lyrics, delivery was done with a level of passion that match the music well.
...always loved the placement of harmonics, to bring out focal points. nice work!

Rob Grant
04/01/08 07:25:52AM @rayon-vert:
Another song in a CLASSIC SOUND......BUT!!! A sound of it's own. This really reminds me of groups, like The Band. It has a down home grittiness and a warm feel. The vocals are is the whole performance. GREAT TRACK!!

04/01/08 02:29:56AM @self-tort:
Really very nice work. Very nice progression and melody. Powerful vocals full of heart and passion. My only concern is that the acoustic guitar sounds a bit harsh and is also tending to dwarf the vocals. The vocals are really strong and at the moment I don't think they're being spolighted as well as they could be.

But a really very nice song.




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