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Learn to Fly - Rehearsal out-take

album: The Singles
genre: Rock
streams: 24
creation date: 2023-11-20

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This is a recording from our rehearsal/jam night around 2010. Lonnie is singing and playing guitar on this with Don Carr on lead, Brad Dorwart on bass, Jason...
Learn to Fly - Rehearsal out-take
tony cee
11/21/23 02:38:09PM @tony-cee:
catchy song , great vocals and mix , cool drums ......cheers tony cee
carol sue
11/21/23 05:41:30AM @carol-sue:
Memories of good times are simply priceless.
So happy for you all that you were able to record this from your live performance.
Such a wonderful song... it's just right-on start to finish! ::encore:: If you can! :)

11/20/23 03:49:48PM @the-london-project:
Thanks guys. I miss our jams so much. Some of the best memories in my lifetime
Farrell Jackson
11/20/23 09:20:38AM @farrell-jackson:
This sounds great Lonnie! You guys were rocking away and having fun. Good times!
11/20/23 08:38:50AM @ron-dadey:
Sounds like fun times were had!! very cool Lonnie!!


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