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The London Project

Today Will Never Come

album: The Singles
genre: Rock
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Today Will Never Come
The Gigglefits
04/20/21 09:22:52PM @the-gigglefits:
We are so loving this
03/25/21 02:01:31PM @the-london-project:
I remember this one Lonnie! Helluva track, my friend!

Thanks a lot for the kind words Jim! We’re happy you enjoyed revisiting the track.

03/24/21 10:39:21AM @jimsae:
I remember this one Lonnie! Helluva track, my friend!
Incarnate Word
08/28/09 10:22:24PM @incarnate-word:
Killer tune very cool metal tone and feel. Great stuff going on here. Very keen point made here.
06/30/08 01:38:53PM @test200:
Lonnie, how goes it,
The month of June was some good old west coast weather here in Ontario, now could you please take it
I'm rockin on to this man, love those chunkin guitars with that big bag end bass. Real nice job on the vocal mix to. wow!! that change to the lead line at 1:50 I think is the special gift you guys bring to the table. I was kind of waiting for it and you certainly did it up right. Great rockin from the other side of this great country, keep it happenin, and keep hunting down those

06/07/08 06:13:43PM @dazed:
very nice Lonnie! great guitar work not to mention a fabulous job on vox including the harmonies. I love the driving rhythm on here. Kind of reminds me of old foreigner sound. solos are fantastic!!


06/07/08 04:48:09PM @surfnorthwest:
Very nice, I dig the rythem on the track and your voice is also professional grade. Harmonies are done right and the recording was tight. Nice litle guitar solo, that is not overdone.
06/07/08 02:30:37PM @chrickon:
Solid rocker!! great production and performance! Some really great guitar tones and playing.
Excellent work!


06/07/08 08:03:33AM @mike-kohlgraf:
That's a killer tune, man! I am digging this one a lot. Nice driving beat, great vocals and lyrics! Superb production as well! Great playing on that axe, man!



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