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Best of Me

album: Spiral
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 210

Best of Me
06/29/09 10:54:15PM @vesa:
Cool tone on the rockin' guitar right from the top...sounds darn great. More guitars in a well done sound mix, really sounds great though my headsets, a great late nite actually anytime listen, but for now, I can really focus on the good playing, every note so well expressed. SUPERB composition. btw the percussion & bass are just right one...FAB!! Have done a few spin arounds already...worth more.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

06/25/08 12:57:58PM @tlt50:
Awesome rocker...... exceptional guitars....tight and placed in the mix beautifully. Production is superb...... Sweet groovin' track........ Lonnie !!!!!

Larry T.....

06/24/08 02:29:42PM @tcp:
Up to date rhythm guitar driven along with bass...very tight stuff. Excellent Lonnie...this rocks! This really would sound good with vocals too. ~Blake
06/21/08 06:50:10PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent tune, Lonnie! It'll be in the show tonight! :)

06/22/08 07:05:29PM @surfnorthwest:
Nice jam here. This would be a fantastic to use as a opening song. I love the guitar work as it is very tasty and not overdone.

Great song

06/23/08 07:54:25AM @syngularity:
Shining rockin' tune with absolute commercial appeal... I'm missing the vocals, would be a great rock song with the right drive!!!


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