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Future Mr. X

album: Argue Street
genre: Rock
streams: 678
creation date: 2007-10-21

Future Mr. X
retarded potential
08/16/09 01:47:54PM @retarded-potentials:
Just awesome, glad mike played it. 5 stars here.
05/15/08 09:56:21AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Another very cool tune! From what I am hearing, all of your material is iMS Radio worthy! No joke! Cheers!!! :)
05/07/08 03:02:27PM @mark-cloutier:
most enjoyable listen beerhunter--good punchy rythmn guitar-!! like that--singer is spot on! nicely written!! mark
12/02/07 07:12:29PM @diva:
My guess is that if that was pushed up more in the mastering so it was in-your-face loud, it would sound like a whole differnt tune. The parts are there, and there is a lot to like in this song, but the sound suffers for the mix. The drums are bit too much up front. The vocal should come up some, as well.

What I'm saying, is this song holds a lot of promise, and isn't really bad. I do like it, but it needs a bit more tweaking in the mix.

KB Bren
10/25/07 02:08:50PM @kb-bren:
Nice playing and riffs in this song! Not real big on the vocals but maybe just the effects that you chose, don't get me wrong as the singer can definately sing. Nice job guys. KB


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