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Kissed By Angels - The London Project

user image 2014-02-17
By: Beerhunter
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Kissed By Angels - The London Project

Greetings all! We are happy to announce that we have a new song out called Kissed By Angels. This song is inspired by an event that I experienced in the summer of 2013.

A young lady was struck by a car while crossing the highway. It happened only a few meters away from me and I was the first responder. I applied my "rusty" first aid knowledge, held her and comfort her until help arrived 10 minutes later. The fact that she survived that day could only mean that she was Kissed By Angels.

02/19/14 12:11:01PM @the-london-project:
Linda I have wondered if there was a way to let her know that this song was written about her. I was contacted by the driver's insurance company to provide a statement but I doubt that they would have any information about the victim. I do not know how to spell her name but it was something like Teesha Shelly.
Lyrical Princess
02/19/14 02:18:39AM @lyrical-princess:
It is said that The Angels are all around us. I believe that you are one of them Lonnie. It was not yet her time & you were there to help. I'm happy that she survived. I wonder, does she know that she inspired your new song "Kissed By Angels"? Love the New song & am looking forward to more. The London Project ROCKS!!!


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