The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm

Kingstorm - Traveling On

album: Mystery
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 50

  Song Information
Josephrodz Music & Production Ron Bowes Lyrics & vocals José Ruíz Drums
Kingstorm - Traveling On
12/07/20 06:40:16PM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much for your comment @carol-sue, we are very happy when people leave positive feedback, it shows us that we are doing the right things.
carol sue
12/07/20 03:36:08PM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>>KingStorm rocks!!
FabClab! Bowes, Joseph & Jose' you each played your parts really well!
I'm so impressed! Bravo, again! :) *****

11/04/20 08:12:55AM @thekingstorm:
Hello @moquinn, thank you for such a good comment. people like you make us want to keep making good music.
11/03/20 09:42:18PM @moquinn:
I love this song @ronbowes, @JosephrodzMusic & @JoseRuiz
not sure if that will work ~ I am technically challenged
I particularly love ~ the part where Ron takes a rest in singing & you guys just JAM oh yeah, Rock Me!!
love love love this..... Moe

11/03/20 01:53:04PM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much Mr. @david-c-deal for taking the time to listen to our music.
11/03/20 09:21:00AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @david-c-deal ;-)
11/02/20 05:57:32PM @david-c-deal:
Nice work guys.


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