Smooth Groovin' featuring CHRICKON (Re-Mastered)

album: Collabs
genre: WolF Groove
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Hint : He should be very familiar to the listeners at this site.His distinctive stlye and flavorable lics are only overshadowed by his true CLASS !! Larry...
Smooth Groovin' featuring CHRICKON (Re-Mastered)
02/26/18 02:11:36PM @jerrywillard:
Oh I dig it, it's funkalicious sweet ear candy!
Peter G Davies
01/19/18 06:08:35PM @peter-g-davies:
Nice ambient groove...!
12/12/17 08:21:40PM @tlt50:
Chris...Dace and Pete.... you guys are the best. Thanks for the kind comments.. Christer (Chrickon) is so amazing... :) All the best brothers..,

Larry T.

12/12/17 07:59:39PM @chris-moore:
Thanks for the pointer Dace! It's only taken me ten years to find this one. Wow, Larry, this is such a cool vibe, and the fx work brilliantly in there. You have a sound that seems to make your music instantly recognisable - it's called Class. And with Chrickon, another colossal name in Mix history, on that guitar, tops it off beautifully.
03/27/17 08:29:43PM @red-sheppen:
Love this collab - certanly very smoooooth groooove.
Enjoyed the vibe and the lead guitar suits this so much

02/16/17 11:04:40PM @tlt50:
Tricia....thanks awesome lady. Gare... your friendship means a lot. Thanks for the kind words,,,,,,,,
Larry T

Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 10:40:03PM @gary-shukoski:
Hey Larry! Couldn't make it in time to hear your music featured on Doug's show tonight so I'm having my own Lar-a-thon!!!
06/18/14 11:24:13PM @tlt50:
Yvonne.....thanks sweet soul .. :D
05/18/11 10:15:28PM @buddrumming:
Love this tune... rockin out guys... very nice guitar and keys...just love it :) Bud
05/18/11 10:15:16PM @buddrumming:
Love this tune... rockin out guys... very nice guitar and keys...just love it :) Bud
10/03/10 11:45:15PM @piperon:
This is classic to me, very soothing music that reminds me of those wonderful days I had. Slow and steady win the race, you got me on hooked.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon The Spiritual Flute Player.

06/12/10 08:33:27AM @russ-deane:
Larry.. What a great blend of instruments. A real pro touch...Talented bunch for sure. Production...Seems like I am right in the room with you. Great live feeling.. NICE!

05/19/10 05:16:12PM @sumofthedaze:
this is top notch production and performance . infectious beat and sum tasty licks .
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:04:14PM @incarnate-word:
oh man I remeber this peice. this is such a funky tune. definatly rocks. the guitar solos are timeless. and your style matches this perfectly. Great tune, wolfman. IW
11/18/09 09:55:18PM @marc-morlock:
Love the "Guitar"

03/08/12 10:59:31AM @visualword:
Great feel...had me cookin' right off the bat...beautiful chops on the guitar...and I could swear I heard a rocking chair in the background...
03/26/09 08:47:33PM @saitkoray:
my first review was "what can i say about this wonderful piece of music..." but when i saw 2 star in rated side i have some words about this superb track...first of all..very quality recorded very very clean..superb arrangement made in this unique track...very very nice acapella fx used and this song is not 2 star..if we some stars show the quality of our songs..this song must have definetly 10 stars....
wonderful musicianship....

11/06/08 09:46:51AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Just a fantastic journey my friend. Tasty keyboard work, huge production and nothing less then spectacular guitar work from Christer. In my favs !!!!!

~ Gabriel

07/23/08 10:40:53PM @henry-tarnecky:
Taste and skill combine in a wonderfully constructed piece of sound scape. Sound selections for all instruments is excellent. Just the right amount of space to deliver a pro vibe for me! Chrickon and Larry... this is just top notch stuff. Well done dudes!
07/05/08 04:17:51PM @piperon:
The bassline and beat are indeed very serene and systematic. And the bluesy guitar has the task to dwell the listensers with the eccentric passion, I like this lead. A mix of moods in its finest path like roaming around the happy hours, swinging from one lady to another. Lovely stuff.

With million of love from Singapore.

07/04/08 08:37:47AM @sunburn-in-cyprus:
Ah love that guitar, nicely mixed with electronic, great!
05/15/08 10:23:41AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Awesome vibes in this tune! love it!!! Big thumbs up!!! :)
03/31/08 02:12:42PM @am-pm:
Hi Larry, There is a certain steadiness to the groove on this. That coupled with the guitar "twangin"is the tracks strength. Am into weird synths sound so that bass synth thingie really caught my fancy!

03/26/08 02:31:55PM @shadow-people:
Great Synth sounds here...What do you use to produce that?
03/02/08 08:58:16PM @test200:
Hooked imediately, that synth line and percussion is spot on. ooo that guitar melts the soul. I love all the little bit adds here and there that add to the groove line. This thing could just loop away endlessly and never get boring. 3 plays here, a little louder each time, great stuff, dig where that snare shot is placed. tasty..

Charlie Beige
02/29/08 07:12:17PM @charlie-beige:
this has so much feeling....really good collab...the perc and that running jazzy guitar is BRILLIANT
all good allround

10/10/08 12:33:47AM @piperon:
Yes, man this is what I was looking for. Big sound and big time player with the guitar. You don't just howl like the werewolf but also twist the sound in so many ways. I like your creative work, pathing so many instrumentation in one goal. One neat asset you have.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

02/23/08 06:33:11AM @the-bard-brothers:
It's always a compliment when a song makes me want to go practice. And write. Nice production, with smart levels, so that the fabric is woven together tightly.

Man, I gotta go get my guitar and get to work!

02/13/08 08:54:31PM @wrightdude:
oh yeah... the groove is ooozing out my speakers! all over my carpet! some seriously tasty guitar! so cooooooooooooool!
02/10/08 03:24:24AM @rob-hanlon:
I already have this in my favorites but never posted a comment. I love this song. The groove is really amazing. Larry & Christer - your playing is just incredible. Well Done!!
02/04/08 10:46:22PM @that-never-was:
Damn this is Tight !!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic mix !
01/29/08 06:07:31PM @david-c-deal:
This track is just COOL!!
01/28/08 05:32:38PM @george-shepherd:
What a great groove and a great song. Very very tasty!!! Great job!!!
01/16/08 01:24:05AM @saitkoray:
what can i say about this wonderful piece of music...what a unique style...very well guitar playing..i do love this great stuff..i must listen again and again...
01/12/08 06:54:32AM @big-peter-white:
Very classy, i feel i'm sitting in the the chair it's 2am and i'm in heaven listening to this.
Trev M
01/09/08 06:33:03PM @trev-m:
This is whopper and i dont mean a burger! Very slick sounding ..... you definitely have an in road into the porn industry with this heheheheh ! Awesome
Dizzy Fingers Ike
01/08/08 10:16:43PM @dizzy-fingers-ike:
loom man,

i listen to a lot of smooth jazz players, i mean players!

bro , this is as good as anything i have ever heard. the best part to me is it not only has that good old smooth jazz vib, but that tecno thing you got going on in there, brings it to a modern time!

just great!

01/05/08 10:16:14PM @brian-mattson:
Oh yeah, its happening. Excellent track with such a great feel! I love it when it grooves and never gets boring. The guitar is tastfully done with a great tonal quality. Great sense of space!!!
01/04/08 10:39:25PM @tlt50:
My,,,,,"Brother Swede",,, did indeed,take a considerable risk in adding his magic to this strange ,Yankee newcomers track. Such ,is the life at IMS....where many things are possible and friendships are made in all corners of the globe. Thank you.... Christer and the IMS community for everything you do !!

Hopefully, 2008 will bring musical bliss to ALL,


01/25/08 09:31:55AM @bruffie:
Superb groove.....nice vibe that never gets boring from start to finish. The quality of this is so good that I feel like going back to the start with the stuff I'm doing!!
Excellent piece!!!!!

01/04/08 01:53:37PM @chrickon:
Just want to thank everyone of you for your kind comments ! appreciate it very much. Wasn`t the easiest track to work with all those voices telling me "come on" was at moments starting to get me on my nerves LOL, but it was a real pleasure to work with this funky and great sounding track.
Thanks for letting me in on this one Larry.
The Swede

01/03/08 03:42:20PM @mark-cloutier:
gots the groove and what nice fluid guitar runs-licks--great vibe and overall--- kickback and swig some beer and enjoy tune!!nice high end to low guitar runs--using the neck-nice
01/02/08 07:17:42AM @robert-smith:
Oh yeah - This is great .

Christer is one of my fav. guitar players, and this is a cool track.

Great work!

12/31/07 12:40:44AM @soundtrapper:
Excellent. It has it going on..groove, great playing and superb sound quality.

12/27/07 10:43:12PM @burningredsun:
Very smooth feel and excellent jazz/funk/rock guitar...just a great track...Peace...DeTouR
03/15/08 10:01:01AM @mike-s:
This reminds me a bit of Robin Ford, but even a bit more jazzy mabye. To tell you the truth I enjoyed it more than a Robin Ford track. In short I don't know what's going on with the stuff on this site but, well it's brilliant and the majority of people here should not need a day job with the talent I am hearing.
12/10/07 03:23:34PM @the-full-quid:
wow glaD I CAME TO LISTEN HERE , nice collaboration , love the sound and tone and everything , next to peter this another great instrumental artist here .
12/08/07 02:06:30AM @test4454:
What an awesome jazzy rocker! Reminded me a little of Walter Becker - but in a more modern way. Some great axe slinging goin' on here ; )) Really enjoyed! Cheers, Bob
12/08/07 01:17:46AM @ab2:
Fabulous sound you have here...I shut my eyes and wait for SADE to start singing...She must`ve missed her plane, damn, this is good..So easy, soooooo smooth..So laid back it`s horizontal...Love it...:-) Musicianship at it`s best..

Luv Mags xx :-)

Luca Wulf
12/07/07 11:56:47AM @huge-artist:
Oh yeah,this is class.
Beautifuly crafted song.
A late night mellow jazz style jaunt,that is sizzling with life.
Excellent composition and musicanship.
The music providing a great platform for a showcase in lead with STYLE!
I guess it is tracks like this that makes me stay hooked to the the indie scene...
Once in awhile you come across a gem like this.
Excellent work all,a MOST enjoyable listen indeed!!

12/06/07 12:54:37PM @michael:
Very cool track the mood and the guitar
Doctor C
12/05/07 10:29:48PM @doctor-c:
Absolutely marvelous! I'm speechless. Yes, the lead guitar is stellar but I'm more impressed by everything else. The accompaniment is an instrumentalist's dream, so damn classy and elegant. Real magic!
12/05/07 10:53:53AM @bri-an:
Silky delivery...kool clean..laid back...and all with a groove that just highlights Chrickon's ace the output of feel, lots of dynamics. wow, nice way to start the day.
Excellent work here.

12/05/07 10:21:54AM @tcp:
LT, great vibe on this song. Great playing and intelligent arrangement DOES hold interest which sometimes can be a difficult matter on instrumentals. Such high quality stuff and catchy that it's umm, ear candy to say the least. And kudos to Christer's most excellent guitar work! ~Blake
12/02/07 03:30:33PM @the-deep:
MAGIC !!! absolute magic. what i refer to , is what you have achieved here in the way the very very first sound of this track,, grabbed my interest. Instantly i had to write a comment.
Love the tone of the lead guitar,, definately. Excellent tone on that lead !!!!!!!

what i don't really like are some of those toilet sounds. that's what they seem kind of like. But ,, im not criticising,-- just sayin what i love and awaht i don't. I vote,, if you ever do a re-do of this,, clear off those farts and grunts,, and let that lead guitar do the talkin-- and this track will be a 100 % for me.

C'mon now everybody,, start hammerin me ,, sayin you love those put put sounds.

12/02/07 08:53:13AM @ab1:
well i'm a big fan of christer and you wolfman.. so this one funky and cool.. laidback..
made in the shade.. tasty larry carlton style.. the distortion tone on the guitar is awesome..
great feel and easy going playing my brother.. isn't this the track you sent me too larry? in Fm?.. I recognize the vox samples.. I could imagine adding vocals to this but with my man C on it.. it doesn't need anything more.. it soars.. doesn't bore.. listen though.. I got a new one with you too.. and I paid my dues.. so please recognize my guitar chops crew.. rapster ain't just words.. he's fingers and master of jazz lines too.. cheers my brothers.. this was awesome!

11/30/07 11:16:36PM @dazed:
Nice job guys. Christer your guitar playing is becoming legendary.

Larry love what you did with this song. You guys compliment each other nicely!

11/30/07 11:03:54PM @tlt50:
Damn' you guys.................I had a feeling, ....... this was going to be way to easy for this talented bunch ! CHRICKON..........he's special
Michael Yablonski
12/16/07 02:24:37PM @michael-yablonski:
Great coolab, this is cooler than cool, interesting rythym sounds, classic Christer guitar. Great Job by all!


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