album: Time will Tell
genre: WolF vibe....Fusion
streams: 2,040
creation date: 2007-12-11

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Another old song.....What can I say...............?? I have a fascination with the soprano sax.  This is a fusion of rhythms.I think ?????
02/14/18 04:47:47AM @chris-moore:
Hey Mr Wolf! This is accompanying my second cup of tea this morning... Love that syncopated piano track, and the depth of the mix with the toms, the scratchy rhythm, and that sax flying free above it all - lovely piece of happiness to drown out the howling wind and brighten up the rain drenched vista from the kitchen window. Wherever this is, I want to be there! 😎
05/08/17 12:01:01AM @tlt50:
I love the accompanying photo. Wolfman? Okay ...

Like Peter said, whatever rhythm this is called, it sounds great. It's like a musical after-dinner mint. Nice piece of work.

01/08/14 09:05:08PM @tlt50:
Yvonne.....Love the comments, You're the best, sweet soul !!

Thank you....:),

Larry T

03/20/11 05:37:26PM @pasv:
What a great sound you created. This combined with a rythm that make you move along...
Love this!

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:23:07AM @incarnate-word:
I am spent man. I just came by to listen to the wolf and I parked my butt hear and just has an Incredible hour of life listening to your works. Thanks man we need more talent in this world like you.
09/24/09 11:59:00PM @omegamon:
i like the groove of this track the most, and that's just what i like the most!..everything part is right on, need to hear this another time...when my ears are a little freher, been mixing all

P Eric Bailey
11/12/12 12:08:20AM @p-eric-bailey:
This is good bro. Very,very good


Tom Hoelle
09/14/08 09:36:40AM @tom-hoelle:
Hmmm... this is different. I love the "texture" of this piece. (If that makes sense). The various elements layered in this piece could almost define fusion. And that sax sound... just riding the wave! Definitely cool... Nice job!


07/22/08 11:28:53PM @lex-zaleta:
Oooooh ... have to save up for some new prescription lenses ... I thought this said "Erotica" ...oh, well, "Exotica" ... close enough ... especially when it sounds this good. This tune scoots and scampers along at a fast clip, yet it never sounds rushed or hurried. Perfect choice of instruments blended very well. You da man, Wolf!
07/05/08 04:09:48PM @piperon:
WOW, this drum and bassline are fucking AWESOME. I like to have some of those - that will make my sound very professional. And the saxes are the perfect integration of the massive soundscape. A groove full of enimatic choices, way too melodious to ignore its existence. To me, it is like I found a GEM in your site. So cool and refreshing. LOVE IT!

With million of love from Singapore.

P Eric Bailey
11/12/12 12:08:32AM @p-eric-bailey:
This is good bro. Very,very good


05/30/08 11:35:50AM @david-c-deal:
Larry, ,,,,,,,,,,, I just made this song one of my favorites. I love how it never seems to quite "touch the ground" except for those short segments where you lay it on beat 1. I can fly with this one.
Dave Deal

03/13/08 07:50:43AM @ab2:
Have to say Larry that this is a wonderful vibe...It grooves along so nicely...I`m just reading what bluespckr said, and have to smile as it really is that "After Dinner Mint", what a fabulous description of an excellent song...I love this easy laid back style..:-)

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

06/26/08 09:10:00PM @henry-tarnecky:
I was due for a dose of your musical skills Larry.... just fell on this one and thoroughly enjoyed the sounds man. Awesome taste on display. Have to say your rhythms are most delectible.
02/07/08 11:52:47AM @brian-mattson:
Oh Wow ... I'm sitting here laughing my a** off with joy! This is a marvelous creation ... so unique! Man ... where did this come from? The sounds are fabulous, keyboards are funky, wow ... just a total joy. You really did a number on my head! LOL I LOVE IT!! GREAT ... FANTASTIC ... I NEED MORE!! Thank you so much for sharing this gem. I will be listening to this a lot man! It's kind of like Peanuts on Acid!!
01/27/08 09:27:46AM @ab1:
oh man T.. latin.. jazz.. it's me!.. love the flow and color of this one brother.. lovely instrumentation.. like the soprano sax/flute like lead voice.. and the acoustic piano
is one of my fave jazz instruments.. the real McCoy.. a love supreme.. or like herbie
and bennie.. mwandishi.. you like those tempos that make us guitarists work bro.. lol..
this just an altogether tasty and catchy ultra cool brisk tempo pleaser.. a wolf-wolf
T man teaser.. sure to please her.. .-)

Luca Wulf
03/01/08 03:55:42PM @huge-artist:
This is a smooth number mate...
Hot nights,cool breeze,good company....
Love the rhythm sections.
So many nice little touches throughout.
This is what I call summer music,those long warm summer nights,window opened for a cool breeze and the sound of this filling the night air.
Tis an absolute winner in my book.
Full of life and beautifuly played and produced.
Rhythms,piano,alto sax,all the stars IMHO


12/13/07 03:00:23PM @chrickon:
This is great Larry !! Great drum grooves and i love the piano both sound and playing.
Overall great production.
Thanks for posting.
Mr Swede :)

12/11/07 10:42:45AM @andrew-hay:
I was captivated from the first beat of the first bar and taken on a wonderful journey. Thanks.
12/11/07 08:41:00AM @tcp:
Interesting piece Larry. Some very delicate piano layered with what - maybe a soprano sax ?Or a synth patch sounding close. Love that interaction between these parts in the context of the rhythm. Very tasty, especially on close listen. Huge diversity in your material!! Amazes me still. ~ Blake
12/11/07 04:16:05AM @diva:
I love the accompanying photo. Wolfman? Okay ...

Like Peter said, whatever rhythm this is called, it sounds great. It's like a musical after-dinner mint. Nice piece of work.


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