album: From here to There
genre: Funk
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From the Talbot Bros Band ........"From here to There"  In memory of my brother and cousin........Randy and Wayne Talbot (Wayne's  photo was  used )    :-)...
Gary Dabrowski
12/30/21 12:05:32PM @gary-dabrowski:
very cool Larry...sounds great!
03/17/10 04:46:36PM @microjazz:
Another great upbeat number! I agree with other reviewers here - a dancefloor stomp.
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:36:20PM @incarnate-word:
well had some time today to finish reviewing your music library. This is a happy tune. Love the brass in this really speaks out and the Harp is great, oops I think that is a harmonica. which ever its killer.
Luca Wulf
06/14/10 05:33:54PM @huge-artist:
I don't think you have anyone to apologise to,harp or horn.
I will admit I next to nothing about the finer points of both, but if it works,it works,and it does.

I see you dedicated it.
Well,that shifts it into another zone as far as I concerned.
It becomes difficult to listen to the music and not be aware of it's inspiration.

You can do nothing finer mate.
You start from that and it cannot go wrong.

It's abeautiful and piece LArry and I am POSATIVE there are two souls smiling down everytime it plays.

Best wishes.


Lyrical Princess
06/02/13 01:38:50AM @lyrical-princess:
Just sitting here chilling to some Awesome Mix music.. I can't believe I've never reviewed this.. I'm sure I've told you, that I think everything you do Amazes me.. It's all very impressive.. And I have so many favorites. But this one is such a fun upbeat song that it's hard to sit still.. So, while listening (No joke) I got on my feet and just danced.. You know what? I needed that :) Thank You!! 5***** + I really do LOVE this song.. Thanks for the D/L ~ You do know how to Funk :)

Luv N Hugs,
Lyrical Princess :)

01/06/09 05:17:45AM @brian-mattson:
Solid Blues/Funk with some nice harp and horns. Come on, who wouldn't want to groove to this?
07/21/10 04:39:22AM @anna-jackson:
Awesomely upbeat and funky fun! reminds me a bit of some older prince stuff, if u don't mind the comparison! ;)
Rogers-Tennison Band
07/27/09 11:12:21PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Search Wikipedia under "funk" and get this sound file. An "oldie, moldie goldie" from the Wolf. Notice the phase of the moon?
Dizzy Fingers Ike
01/17/08 03:42:58AM @dizzy-fingers-ike:
wolf i thought i reviewed this, i am blown away with this!

you got some funk, and i'm smellin it! way to go man!

sly puppy
01/16/08 03:57:34PM @emocion:
Cool vibe for sure WW

Thought it was about time I spent some time tuning in too the artists here so here I am.

And what a great track this is...the crazy synth musing all over the joint on top of the horn section and bass drive....just funky.

Most enjoyable listen


01/15/08 10:47:15PM @buddrumming:
Awesome....I just love the's very catchy...Keep up the good work...Don't stop
12/28/07 10:06:25PM @henry-tarnecky:
"Soulfinger" .... party down.... and move around cause ya sure can't keep still tuning in on this very clean .... thigh clapping track. Very nice up listening experience!
Robin James
12/28/07 02:13:59PM @robin-james:
Okay, I can honestly tell you, I would have a blast playing this funky number with you.
Great vibe & smooth groove.
This Kicks, Robin

12/17/07 11:27:23PM @self-tort:
This track has just etched itself into my head. Someone interrupted me on the first listen, but in between that and coming back to it, I just kept humming it. Catchy as all get out. It bounces along making those toes tap and the face smile. Love the bass lines you've got going on and those horns sound really cool. Thanks for this, I love it.
12/15/07 04:27:32PM @chrickon:
Great sounding piece of music Larry ! Great brass and nice beat , i love that harmonica type lead sound and playing.

12/14/07 10:25:31PM @diva:
Man, this sounds great. Sounds to me like the "horns" are done on keys, but it's freaking killer. I love the big sound -- very energetic. A real toe-tapper. It even has me feeling good.
12/14/07 09:45:02PM @dazed:
First off I love the pix you used on this track.

Song is very cool! Man that rhythm track is fantastic. I can't tell if is just keys only or if you added a horn sound on them. It kind of sounds like a horn section which is cool as hell.

06/06/08 02:05:20PM @tcp: I combed through your catalog for something I haven't reviewed I find this gem. You always seem to find ways to create uplifting and feel-good music. That in and of itself is fine and dandy, but then you are always completing the full package with great playing and productions. So I hope taking all things together this is really a huge compliment to you. You sure know how to do it bro! Excellent!!! ~Blake
12/29/07 03:15:23PM @burningredsun:
Very Lively tune...nice playing..keep up the great work....DeTouR


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