*Deeply.....into YOU * (re-mastered)

album: Collabs
genre: Chill groove....
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I was going through the hard drive..... cleaning and deleting .  I found this. and listened...a few times....I don't do much new music anymore....Somethin'...
*Deeply.....into YOU *  (re-mastered)
carol sue
09/20/19 07:03:43PM @carol-sue:
Chill groove.. for sure!
AwoooOoooSome!! *****

Peter G Davies
01/20/18 06:52:21PM @peter-g-davies:
P.s. I see you have a very cool award: Artist of the Month.

Very highly coveted, that one, I'll bet.


Peter G Davies
01/20/18 06:51:10PM @peter-g-davies:
I love the way you have matched an arpeggiated chord (am I wrong?) with another little melody/arpeggio. The synths are very cool as well. Love the groovy little pluck. All in all a very cool and groovy piece. A great track for chillout mode... Nope, forget my musical analysis, I'm still not sufficiently clued up so as to be able to identify indivdual methods in this track so I'll just say, Very well done. I could listen to a longer version, no problem... Thanks for sharing.
Gary Shukoski
08/22/16 04:27:27AM @gary-shukoski:
Everything about this track is laid back and awesome!
12/18/14 09:07:11PM @tlt50:
Linda.....Awww.... thanks...!!~! Great review.... :) <3 and respects...
Lyrical Princess
12/18/14 12:25:42AM @lyrical-princess:
I have listened to this song many times over on your FB page, including tonight. Thought I should come write a few words. This track has a very laid back, yet very sensual feel to it. I think that it is simply Beautiful. It sounds like you play so effortlessly. But it has everything to make it shine in every possible way. Like a real gem. Rare and exquisite. Very classy Larry ~ 5***** Plus!
12/18/14 12:03:28AM @tlt50:
Farrell.... My respects to you.... Thanks for listening... :)
Farrell Jackson
12/02/14 11:49:40AM @farrell-jackson:
I can hear why to brought this one back to life has such an expressive mood to it. As always your productions are excellent!
11/27/14 09:05:32PM @tlt50:
"Keybro...I'm just a jammer ...I soo admire your skills , my friend... :)
11/27/14 09:03:17PM @david-c-deal:
another smoothie by the master keyboardist.
11/27/14 09:00:45PM @tlt50:
Hooker....Jimbo.....Holley....Thanks...It is for the Download. I appreciate the awesome comments.....:D
11/27/14 08:17:28PM @hydrogen3:
Nice blends of piano, synths blended well with percussion. Has a very mellow hip hop feel. Does this one download?? enjoyed this :)
11/27/14 01:41:19AM @hooker-green:
realy a tune to chill out. Gives me a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Like the arrangement and instrumentation. Especially the jazzy touch inside the improvisation lines. Great!


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