Electrfied....... Featuring Robert Smith

album: Collabs
genre: ~WolF Groove~
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I truly love the energy of mother nature . This track features the amazing guitar work of Robert Smith...AKA   *Robbo 1 *    from Sydney AU.  He does...
Electrfied....... Featuring Robert Smith
04/19/17 10:02:26PM @tlt50:
Hi Gare.....thanks for the kind words , my friend. I sent the complete track.... Rob sent me back his thoughts(music) which blew me away. We then talked back and forth about some arrangement ideas.....but I changed very little from the original guitar track Rob sent. Robert is a joy to work with..:)

Larry T

Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 11:17:53PM @gary-shukoski:
Once again, nice collab here! You guys sound great together! Did you pass Robert a complete track to record over or did you pass ideas and demos back and forth? Cool results!
Gary Shukoski
08/22/16 04:48:43AM @gary-shukoski:
Guess this track has been around for a while but I am just discovering it now! Robert is smokin' on this one! I dig all the stuff he has on his page as well.
Lyrical Princess
06/15/13 08:15:57PM @lyrical-princess:
As I sit here listening, I'm thinking about loved ones (and those I don't know) that are surrounded by or have been put in harms way, I think to myself, how minimal the things going on in my life right now, really are.. At least I have a roof over my head & know that (for the most part) my family is all safe.. But I don't believe Mother Nature is done yet.. I think she's only just begun..(Making her rounds) I sure hope I'm wrong.. What else can we do?... But... LET IT ROCK !!! Great song... 5**** + Really Awesome!!!

All The Best,
LP/ Linda :)

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:07:12PM @incarnate-word:
I closed my eyes and layed back and really enjoyed this jam. I was taken away for a moment. Killer Job.
12/15/08 09:43:22PM @tdelecce:
Driving. Some metal overtones. Some fantastic lead playing. Keys are excellent too. Nice work. On this.
10/25/08 12:42:40PM @the-autumleaf:
Fantastic Guitars Loved the Punch and overall production is great Great music
Jay From the Autumnleaf

Chris Georgiou
10/24/08 12:31:47PM @chris-georgiou:
what a great groove, and of course, this guitars are really outstanding, fantastic playing. excelent mix and production

Juri R
10/21/08 02:25:21PM @grand-jury:
Absolutely cool!Everything sounds so contemporary and relevant starting from the remarkable taste in mixin' of New Age electronics with the hard rock idioms.Great Guitar playin',-not a dull moment..keep you alerted all the way..and this is an achievment solely by itself.Thiumbs-up,man,-something new to learn for the ol' dog..LOL!
10/21/08 02:06:08PM @mark-cloutier:
smoking man--love the pic as well-those squealing bottom notes really grab my attention--ripping across the board! cheers wolf and robert!!
10/12/08 11:53:09PM @terry-ponder:
Damn dude! what else can you say about a song that simply blows you away. just fantastic. great song fantastic recording, everything is in its place. and the musicianship is just WOW....

Great song.. Kudos here


09/30/08 07:38:11AM @claire-cameron-band:
I'm liking this one! Cool guitar riffs and nice rhythms :)
10/15/08 04:11:31AM @the-autumleaf:
Wow That was Killer guitars and superb back up on the Keys and drums
Excellent Music !!!!!!!

11/23/08 03:27:28PM @vesa:
Would never miss, waht cool reviews. Gotta love that organ and bass just pumpin away toeteher so well..and the guitar just soars in there like ther's no tomorrow, fine arranging, great fave instrument mix...GREAT production, a fine melodic in there, with expressive keyborad playing so darn well,..... well, well, well ma man hat guitar just floors me, so nifty playing tasteful and a fab tone with an edgy bit there. Geat chemistry here. Love this tune. Into my faves. Love it. Worth many listens...I'm just a puppy for good organ playing with guitar artistry one can't beat.
FABULOUS Larry. -Vesa.

07/06/08 09:00:13PM @saitkoray:
an other great song from you with great intro...very well guitar usage...very well written drum line...I DO LOVE THIS SUPERB pro...
07/05/08 04:14:30PM @piperon:
When I see the word LIGHTING ELECTRICS, it got me hooked. And the payoff was definitely worthwhile. Awesome soundscape in the most devilous pounding. It like soaring in the whirlpool of a volcano lava. Robert definitely had his skills full on the electric load, well done. And of course, not forgetting your mastery mixing skills with so much to endorse and reflect. The howling synth is way too cool over the backdrop. I just got my ears zapped.

With million of love from Singapore.

Luca Wulf
06/26/08 03:52:47PM @huge-artist:
I know this one!!
Yeh,this feels liek class to me...
The whole package.
That guitar is simply the business.
But thw ehole song just flows,rocks and rolls.
EXCELLENT collab guys.
Man you know,you really are a diverse musican and it's always top notch,no matter what style you do.
Much respect to you Larry.
Greatly enjoyed.

Chris Georgiou
10/09/08 08:21:40AM @chris-georgiou:
This one is perfect, recording, composition and playing,incredible. the guitar blows me away, great technic and feeling, wauuu.

06/02/08 12:28:16AM @digger-stone:
just freaking killer, both of you!

great colab, waiting fo the next one. and if there is a new allready point me in that direction.

btw: i added this to my favs, freakin killer!

03/08/08 02:33:36PM @tcp:
This is one fine piece and a wonderfully successful collab. Larry, I found myself wanting to hear you more up front...but aside from that a great mix/production. Rob smokes the guitar and Larry laying a most fabulous foundation. Tight, well arranged and plenty of action to drive this instrumental to the end. Kudos LT and Rob! ~Blake
Rob Grant
02/13/08 04:37:11PM @rayon-vert:
Another missed track........I think I heard this at NEXUS too. Man! I'm ashamed of myself. I'm glad I didn't totally miss it.....THANKS!!! Rob SMOKED THIS!!!

02/03/08 11:04:36AM @wrightdude:
Smokin! guitar ripps!!!!
01/25/08 11:12:30PM @nightrain:
Relly Like this Tune. Keep on Rockin'. Very Tasteful too.

01/25/08 07:39:52PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wow....what an awesome composition and mix. Fantastic soundscapes and Rob just smokes through the entire piece. Can't get much better than this guys!!!!!!



01/23/08 06:50:26PM @soundtrapper:
What a great tune and sound. Really enjoyed listening. Fantastic musicianship and production.
01/21/08 04:45:54PM @jeff-nesbit:
Very good me, very progressive.....Kinda in the genre of the canadian band SAGA....even the guitar work is on par with SAGA's guitarist Ian Crichton..which is the best compliment I can give..Because in my book Ian is the best guitarist I've ever heard..
I really like this song,it is quite wonderful...Well done Rob and Larry.....

Michael Yablonski
01/21/08 02:13:55PM @michael-yablonski:
Hey wolf wolf! This tune rocks, Rob sure knows how to make his mark on the fretboard and with you goin' wolf on the synth...... Good collab gents, my ears are still smokin'.......
01/16/08 11:06:59AM @ab1:
well this is just fantastic.. guess i should put my collab attempt away.. rob you pulled out all the stops on this one bro.. fantastic playing and a tone i'll never be able to get.. T you know already how much i love the track.. now i've got 2 faves of it.. thanks guys for the inspiration.. :-)
01/11/08 09:36:14AM @milillo:
Hello Larry, thats a wonderful palette of yours for your friend Robert to launch off of.
Great ideas!

01/11/08 05:13:13AM @robert-smith:
I just want to say thanks for all the comments below. I had an absolutely great time playing to this fanastic track. Larry was so easy going and a joy to work with - a real open minded musician. It was a special honour to be involved with his music.

Thanks mate!

01/10/08 02:22:17PM @chrickon:
Ahh !! Great groove goin on here with some real smookin playing by Robert.
Great collab !!


01/10/08 10:18:14AM @brian-mattson:
Oh you got it going on big time. Love the heavy crsisp groove you have to play over, and what's on top is awesome. Great playing and tone on another excellent composition! Congratulations!
01/09/08 07:54:53PM @dazed:

this sounds so dark in areas and then just screams with some killer guitar playing. Great collab guys. Rob your guitar playing blows me away. Larry you just flat put write cool stuff!!

Farrell Jackson
01/09/08 07:12:33PM @farrell-jackson:
This is a really entertaining listen! Besides all the outstanding guitar slinger riffs and runs, it's got a melody line that pops in and out and all the swis.........hes keep it very interesting. Great stuff!


01/09/08 05:07:05PM @pyramis:
Digging this one big time brother.
Love the guitar tones and effects on this one man.
Bass has a very sweet nasty sound to it as well.

01/09/08 01:12:50PM @rob-hanlon:
Larry - This is simply great! The recording quality, the composition, your incredible keyboard work, the drum track and Rob's blazing guitar. WOW, indeed!


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