* La Frontera Del Corazon * TLT50 & Kephas

album: Collabs
genre: Latin/Rock
streams: 244
creation date: 2015-08-15

  Song Information the amazing mix , I was a bit heavy with the Hammond...:)
* La  Frontera  Del Corazon * TLT50 & Kephas
10/28/19 07:10:21AM @freudian-slip:
Brilliant! That organ works brilliantly behind the superb guitars. Rhythm is compelling start to finish. How did I miss this before, reminds me of the times when Santana used to be good :)
carol sue
03/25/19 08:25:30AM @carol-sue:
Love this vibe in music from two very talented artists!!
~Bravo! *****

Gary Dabrowski
01/11/19 02:20:20PM @gary-dabrowski:
so you are with the B-3!...sounds good!...didn't know you recorded so much, and it be here...I mostly hear you play electric piano and synth, and mostly with Yvonne on your show...looks like you recorded most before I became a Mix member...definitely wanna listen to more!... Thanks Gary, very kind, my friend.
02/28/18 01:38:22PM @tlt50:
Finally! I got to listen to this collaboration!
This makes my feet tap and my head bubble! So good.
Who's doing the vocals here?
Glad I've stumbled upon this gem! Well done gents!

Heinz.....awww bro, thanks. :) Kephas vocals, a man of many amazing talents. Great to see you, my friend.

02/28/18 01:07:37PM @blue-sahara:
Finally! I got to listen to this collaboration!
This makes my feet tap and my head bubble! So good.
Who's doing the vocals here?
Glad I've stumbled upon this gem! Well done gents!

Mike Stratton7674
02/11/18 06:44:39PM @mike-stratton7674:
Check out my videos, and songs
11/29/17 05:18:53PM @jerrywillard:
Outstanding is the best way I can describe this mix. I love it all!!!ūüėé
07/11/17 08:41:39AM @hooker-green:
latin jazz-rock with much passion and that outstanding guitar playing. Excellent arrangement and instrumentation. The whole atmosphere is amazing. My congrats.

05/04/17 05:41:54AM @self-tort:
Always nice to see people I admire get together. Larry and Kephas put together an awesome track here. Not a problem with the Hammond in the mix Larry - it sounds great, and you're playing it a treat.
05/03/17 07:19:47PM @tlt50:
Robert,,, Gary..... Bob.. and Ed thanks you all are awesome...:)
03/21/17 11:16:11AM @waveman:
this vibe got me in gear this morning. percussion, guitar and key leads are happenin. I especially liked that run down, this tuneage works great at high voltage volume. great work guys
03/16/17 02:21:57AM @tlt50:
Tricia and Bob............ thanks....I appreciate the comments ! :)
10/14/16 08:43:29PM @robert-smith:

Nice work - loving the funky Latin groove! Its all happening - excellent guitar work and keys - everyone is putting some furious playing on this one. 



Gary Shukoski
08/22/16 04:16:33AM @gary-shukoski:
Man! This is right out of Santana's playbook! Great sound and collab!
07/13/16 09:02:04PM @tlt50:
Rusty........ Kephas is the man... I was just trying to hang with the brother....Thx.
07/11/16 10:41:59PM @tlt50:
Blake.................. Awesome comments bro. You made my day.. Thanks. All the best , my friend !

Larry T

07/06/16 06:49:43PM @tcp:
Into the deep catalog of Mr. LT comes this little gem. Replete with fine organ, rhythm embellishment, and Richard's frantic guitar this is a humdinger likely to wake up anyone that can fog a window. Great collab, and you and that hammond are sounding just fine!! /B
06/17/16 07:03:03PM @tlt50:
Dace............ Love ya' brotha' !!!
08/29/15 05:42:36PM @tlt50:
Bob......We both thank you...for the awesome words...brotha'''' All the best on your new works..... *****
08/29/15 11:26:52AM @bob-ross:
I dare anyone not to move when they listen to this. Awesome track guys. The interplay between you and Kephas is tight and seamless. I closed my eyes and let myself get carried away. GREAT work here!
08/17/15 11:15:47PM @tlt50:
Cooter......thx. You just can't have enough cowbell.... LOL :)
08/17/15 09:12:50AM @cooter:
Sir Lawrence, you and Kephas make some mighty fine music, good sir. I love it. And, not too heavy with the B3 for me. More cowbell would have been nice, though. ;)


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