Wolf RaVe ...Weirdwolves ft. TLT50

album: ~WeirdWolves~
genre: *WolF Vibes*
streams: 223

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Hmmmm'..I have no idea.
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The Weirdwolves with TLT50 ....Just a crazy ass Jam.
Wolf RaVe ...Weirdwolves ft. TLT50
11/30/18 06:16:57PM @mark-cloutier:
Oh i love it weird as a wolf can be! you the man thanks for your friendship always cheers--this is groovy man!
11/26/18 08:09:37AM @blacksxord:
Larry...Love your page bro! This track is fantastic...keys are smokin hot and production is top!
Great groove going on here! :)

08/17/18 07:05:32AM @hooker-green:
Im really surprised of that piece of music.I like the organ very much. But impressed of the whole structure and arrangement Love some experimental parts and how you put it together. It seems you are lost in this music. My admiration for that. Greetings H.G.
06/23/18 03:39:24PM @tlt50:
Hi RS, that was a very old track I found, Thanks for the cool comments, Bobby. Yes, the language of the vocals? The language of "Weird", I'm thinking they were high on something more than life. Great having you sharing your awesome music with us again, my friend. :)
06/23/18 02:33:21PM @rs-cain:
Wow Larry, your usual nimble digits at work here.....really cool. Like the groove.
killer piano, and your organ chops are unsurpassed.

LOL, what language is the vocal?

Nice synth solo
Really liked this, a hustling tricky percussive keyjam! Well done!

06/19/18 10:45:31AM @waveman:
keyboard guys are the coolest! super groovy jam man, the moog sounding lead, the voice effect, even the gif strobes in time, I'm there

Ed, you're awesome, bro. :) I appreciate the kind words. Key guys do rock. Keep rockin' Larry T.

carol sue
06/18/18 09:09:42AM @carol-sue:
AwoooOooosome!! :)

Carol Sue.................AwwwwwOooooooooooo *U* :)


06/17/18 02:26:03PM @tlt50:
Trish,,,,,Farrell....Ron...and Ricky thanks, my friends. :)

Larry T.

06/17/18 10:08:21AM @wricky:
plenty of kool killer keyboard shreds sitting just under the main mix here...and all well done!
06/17/18 09:38:18AM @ronbowes:
Great vibe wolfman. Awooooosome.
Farrell Jackson
06/17/18 09:34:14AM @farrell-jackson:
A very cool jam Larry! Excellent B3 chording and when the piano melody enters it steps the song up a bit. This is a top shelf jam!


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