JUST A THANG' W/ Robert Smith (Re-Mastered)

album: Collabs
genre: Funky-Fusion-Rock
streams: 3,076
creation date: 2008-04-21

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Featuring  the amazing Robert Smith , from Sydney AU. on guitar  ! A very gifted and talented musician. I put together a snazzy drum track and started...
JUST A THANG'  W/ Robert Smith (Re-Mastered)
carol sue
04/11/19 07:52:35AM @carol-sue:
Returning your visit~ thank you again for just being so AwoooSome!
Mixposure's lucky to have you! :) Great music and personality...
with excellent music skills. An easy high 5 all-around! ~Bravo!! *****

Mark Ellis
05/22/18 03:30:52AM @mark-ellis:
Cracking Track :-) great guitar, and well constructed .. really enjoyed listening
03/23/17 06:04:57PM @lostjoes:
is a thing of beauty awesome tune
Gary Shukoski
08/24/16 12:12:15AM @gary-shukoski:
These collabs with you and Robbo rock!
10/14/12 03:14:51PM @mark-cloutier:
well yeah man thats some smokin guitar and Larry you be laying it down wolf style!! great mix and super vibe created!!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:02:01PM @incarnate-word:
cool this sounds great to its like the rock version for a late night show. this is great lots of energy and subtle changes make it a kick. Great Job.
09/29/09 12:42:37AM @omegamon:
nice poppin'm little rock funk tune guys, nice live feel great sounds, lead killing it with a great tone...sweet!...almost a Larry Carlton type of sound..teal nice!

03/05/09 07:44:31AM @digger-stone:
right out the gun this rocks from front to back,
just another fine piece from you guys!
great job fellas


12/02/08 10:44:24AM @the-mabuse-project:
I'm just listening to "JUST A THANG"... opens with a striking groove and slowly makes place for some good organ jamming. The guitar and organ come together with some nice harmonic crossings. A feel good track!


Juri R
10/24/08 01:56:02AM @grand-jury:
Excellent Fusion-funk!! What a tone on a guitar,oh my!!And what a tastey selection of notes!!!To say thank you for this share is not enuff,I know.
One day I'll do smth. along these lines.

Luca Wulf
09/30/08 03:39:34PM @huge-artist:
Ah another one I am familer with :)
Scorching lead work!!
Just a top to bottom good vibe.
Excellent musicianship as always,the hammon is superb.
Sounds like you guys had a blast doing this?
Yep,solid gold all the way.


09/26/08 03:04:47AM @ab2:
now this one is a complete change of mood for me this morning...I`m happy to fall into this comforting bluesy number from you Larry and Robert...Cool, cool guitar and superb keys keep my feet tapping..:-)

Very enjoyable....:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

05/20/08 02:47:42PM @blake:
Well....very upbeat! Interesting combination of a more Robbo rock style lead played over Larry's jazzy underpinnings. And ya know what? Man, it works just fine for me! Larry I think I can finally pick out your style...which isn't all that easy due to your diverse range. Excellent keyboards, groove, and Rob's guitar...all conspire to make this one tasty jazz rock entree. Bravo!
04/24/08 01:11:08PM @mark-cloutier:
just a thang--its more than a thing--its some most sizzling lead work with a great organ complimenting--you play great man!!!most enjoyable wolfman!!
04/24/08 08:55:38AM @brian-mattson:
Oh yeah, the keys and guitar are really on a great funk trip! This is a great vibe guys! Once again, a very enjoyable listen!
04/22/08 08:00:34AM @richard-john:
Fine hearfelt playing, over a very classy set of chords. Really enjoyable.

04/22/08 07:51:23AM @robert-smith:
Thanks for the comments and thanks for having me Larry!! I love working on your music.

Long live the Trunk Monkey!!!

05/18/08 06:07:25PM @hydrogen3:
I really like this one! Great blend of key board & lead guitar! Holley :)
10/10/08 12:42:04AM @piperon:
Ok, here is another deal. If I were to write review for all your songs. Can you tell me where to get these sound then? LOL! Really, writing 28 reviews is very tiring but it is worth it for your sound system. Another piece to chill on, after so many listensing I got myself glued on my seat. I believe you must have a lots of Santana music album too.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

04/22/08 07:19:15PM @test200:
ya baby, digs right into the riffin, no time for dodlin..excellent! Hey nice sound on the drumkit Larry. Thats some jammin guys, great tone on those high notes Rob and Larry your providing a nice organ bed for the lead work while touching on some nice off shots. I got my groovin hat on boys..
Rob Grant
05/06/08 08:28:27PM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy, You are one darn upbeat writer.......sheeeesh!!! This is GREAT!!! Robbo is quite a tasteful smoker....and player too.....hehehehehehehe. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the DL, guys :-)


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