Sunset Love

album: ~Sharing Music and Mojo !
genre: WolF Vibes
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A slow groovin' vibe.. The drums and bass are loops... Adam Boomer did the guitar track. I added the horns, ear candy, keys  and produced the tune... .....
Sunset Love
06/24/17 07:41:50AM @janeway:
velvet sonic. timeless number here LT.
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:06:14AM @incarnate-word:
this has a make love feel to it . nice and slow and mellow. feels like a great night ahead. this is another killer smoth tune. Larry you are the man. Great Job.
06/12/09 08:27:56AM @mark-reed:
Easy come and easy go, that's how this one comes across. A very slick instrumental piece with that jazz cool. Very tasty indeed well done
Lyrical Princess
03/12/09 02:03:26AM @lyrical-princess:
This is a very classy work of art.. Beautiful musicianship.. Very relaxing music... Dreaming of enjoying a nice glass off wine and watching the sunset with that special someone.. Luv~N~Hugs ,Linda
10/15/08 08:22:38PM @slowmarchingband:
Hey Larry! This is one beautiful,smooth piece of creativity man! The music and the title definitly go hand-n-hand. Are you doing all the instrumentation? I'm sailing along with this one....
Luca Wulf
10/05/08 04:39:50PM @huge-artist:
"Tilts chair back,feet up,gets comfy" :)
Yep,that was CLASS.
Steller musicanship.
The whole feel was simply so relaxing and beautiful to be with.
And when it ended I went:"Ah damn!"
That a sure sign.
I was so hooked into that vibe.
Awesome Larry,simply awesome.


09/27/08 04:47:14AM @idiom:
Didn't want to get out of bed this morning...glad I did now. This track adds that little bit of warmth to an otherwise chilly morning. A wonderful mood filler to chase away the sleep or to calm down those tense nerves after a damn long day. Pure dreamin'


10/03/08 09:03:52PM @tcp:
This thing is so tight, smooth and sweet it's almost criminal!!!! Larry, LT, wufwuf, wolfman, TLT50....score a big one. Huge keys LT so nicely played....definitely in the zone my man. Very solid progression, and arrangement. Production can't be beat. Bravo!!!!! ~Blake
Tom Hoelle
09/14/08 09:28:35AM @tom-hoelle:
Nice - Smooth jazz... Sunset Love - the name says it all. excellent interplay between guitars and keys. 1st rate production... it's all there. Nice one!


09/11/08 01:54:12PM @ab1:
love it larry.. told you i love some RnB jazz.. by candle light bro.. our next flow?.. the keys and v guitar are sensational.. even sounds like christer.. did you sample him man? lol.. :-)
stephan foster
09/10/08 06:18:49PM @stephan-foster:
Larry - Excellent! Got home all keyed up from work and this was just what I needed to wind it down and relax. Thanks!

09/10/08 04:56:21PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Man, Larry!!!! What a brilliant tune, my friend. THIS IS SMOOTH!!! Love it and I wish I could write like that. WOW!!! Tune in this Saturday, dude!!!


Rob Grant
09/10/08 04:24:06PM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy.........ShWWeeeeeeet!!!! Man, I love that piano :-)

09/10/08 07:08:52AM @robert-smith:
Larry - you could do a whole CD in this style.

I absolutely love it.


09/10/08 03:03:43AM @ab2:

ohhh, such a smooth groove for my first listen of the day...A gentle ease into

wakefulness...Beautifully romantic, like walking on the beach at midnight...I`d like to say the

keys are hot, but that can`t be right for something so cool, so I`ll say that the keys are

smolderingly good, ummmm, Ricks last listen of the day and my first...Wonderful music Larry...An

excellent wake up call...:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

09/10/08 02:14:58AM @chrickon:
Larry !! Talk about SMOOTH :) This is sweet chillin smoothin excellent in all ways!! Production, playing, arrangement. First listen this morning and it sets me in a great mood for the rest of the day! Thanks!!

Mr Smooth :)

09/09/08 08:50:40PM @les-beasley:
Man,What a track!That sounds Tony Tiger ....GREAT!!!
09/14/08 03:36:37PM @test200:
Hi Larry, cool Sunday afternoon keys with a spritze of wine on my pallete. I sure enjoy this laidback style on the keyboard, soft pads and chord changes that melt around your leads. You got it man!!...cheerzzzz
Chris Georgiou
10/09/08 08:10:25AM @chris-georgiou:
What kind of lazy song, sitten on the beach and dreaming. This will be my song on the next trip at home. Excelent guitar, love that tunes. kind regards Chris
09/11/08 01:16:41AM @self-tort:
There aren't enough OOOOOs in Smoooooooth for this track. Super cool work, Larry. Love the laid back but heck of a funky groove you've got going on between the bass and drums. And some sensational work on the Rhodes. But the whole package is just wonderful. Lovely chord progressions and a sweet as a nut composition. Love it. Adding this to favs. Superb work. Congrats


10/10/08 12:12:55AM @piperon:
A song to relax the mind and soul, slow and steady win the race. I was trying to play the track "1....4-5 Jam in G w/Adam Boomer" but I got a network error. So, I choose this to chill on. The jazzy passion is definitely very enjoyable. The mute saxaphone or trumpet got me hook on the melody line. The crystallised piano/bell is in perfect harmony, pathing along sensationally.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/21/08 04:18:51AM @emphyrio:
Groovy ! !
Nice song to start my sunday with .

I love the keyboard play. Cool arrangements.

A other fine job, Larry ...

Emphyrio :)


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