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Twank Whelan

A Suicide's Soliloquy

genre: Rock
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A Suicide’s Soliloquy - lyric by Abraham Lincoln Here where the lonely hooting owlSends forth his midnight moans,Fierce wolves shall o’er my carcass growlOr...
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Randy Perryman on drums, lyric by Abraham Lincoln (yeah, that Abe Lincoln)  I'm doing everything else, had some fun with that guitar effect.
A Suicide's Soliloquy
06/17/21 10:40:32PM @moquinn:
Wow! I know I use that exclamation too frequently.....however....
this is quite an exceptional track....for some reason Edgar Allan Poe comes to mind...
this song...your the listener focus...and pay attention to the story being the listener wonders & ponders some more afterwards
Welcome to MixPosure & thank you for sharing your music

06/17/21 10:50:35AM @ronbowes:
Cool track to kick off with Twank. Nice to see you here bro ;-)
06/15/21 11:15:33PM @bad-love-junkie:
Love it Dave... So good to hear you my friend and under the name TWANK WHELAN Excellent!!!
You are one of the best lyricists on the planet! Please post more
Your Friend

Queen Regina
06/15/21 07:23:25PM @queen-regina:
This is different. Original art. Welcome to mixposure


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