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Twank Whelan

Sons of Abraham

genre: Adani
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Sons of Abraham They have me bound, and blindfoldedHidden out of sightI hear his screams, I hear their prayersAnd I smell my frightNo one’s to blame but me...
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Written a few decades ago, inspired by some of the gruesome headlines stemming from the Gulf Wars.  Cap'n Casio on beats, with help from my pal Randy...
Sons of Abraham
07/24/21 11:08:42AM @bad-love-junkie:
I am so digging these tracks Dave. It gives me a chance to revisit and other the chance to hear you!


07/20/21 10:19:30PM @moquinn:
looks like your took @wricky advice to add a picture so song will show up in New Music ....a mysterious track....lures you song, thanks for sharing

07/20/21 06:35:28AM @wricky:
Just add a picture to this song file and then it should show up there. Cool and Twanky song man
Twank Whelan
07/19/21 09:33:34PM @twank-whelan:
Hmm, just uploaded this, unsure why it's not showing up on "new music"....maybe it's because the tune's a few decades old, lol! Actually had this up on this site years ago, some of the old timers here might recall it.


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