Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Dust Becomes Ya

album: A Whiff or Two
genre: Rock
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Dust Becomes Ya There was never a timeWhen you were shiny and newVintage when I met yaThe things that you’d been through...Our bones are stones wrapped in...
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Dust is part of the life cycle here in Oklahoma...Randy Perryman on drums, me on everything else.  That pretty  girl in the pic inspired this
Dust Becomes Ya
Michael Slider
08/04/21 06:33:09PM @slider:
Love it Twank !!!
07/27/21 11:23:25PM @moquinn:
I surely can relate to this the lyrics, beat, your voice & the message
in a way kind of reminds me of a song by Peter it LInes on My Face....
that is a pretty woman int he picture...I am thinking she was your wife
enjoying your music, glad you re-joined Mix & are enjoying yourself

07/26/21 06:51:16AM @ronbowes:
I like the way you experiment with different musical landscapes. Always interesting stuff from you DJC ;-)
tony cee
07/25/21 11:19:47AM @tony-cee:
nice tune great drums and vocal .......cheers tony cee


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