Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

The Big Zero

album: Miles Apart
genre: Rock
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Willy Jo Parker on lead guitar, Volker "Doc" Heigelman on keyboards, thanks guys
The Big Zero
Fender Bender
10/16/21 09:11:36PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Good Toe-tapper" throwback to the 80's or even 60's vibe. Quirky but totally appropriate organ fade-out!
Farrell Jackson
09/04/21 09:59:21AM @farrell-jackson:
This song certainly isn't a 0...more like a 10! Great keys, guitar and vocals/lyric.
08/31/21 01:18:46PM @firecircle:
great song Twank-much enjoyed-like the panning guitar


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