Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

When High Hopes Fall

album: A Whiff or Two
genre: Rock
streams: 23

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When High Hopes Fall Time was flying by full throttleNow if time moves at all, it waddlesMarried once, now we're divorceesLocked that door, melted down the...
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Featuring Mike Round on lead guitar, Ricky Mancini on keyboards and production.  I'm playing rhythm and bass, Yvonne joins me on vocals
When High Hopes Fall
Queen Regina
09/15/21 05:19:51AM @queen-regina:
Really a great song. Not too many can be that truthful to the new relationship without jealousy overrides. But your sweet new wife joins right in and understands 👌. Really well written & delivered. We all have high hopes fall.

09/14/21 10:49:17PM @moquinn:
love how Yvonne joins you at the end of the song
so true ~ advisable at times not to hold your expectations too high....
pick yourself up...dust yourself off...and start all over again
always enjoy your songs

09/14/21 05:06:47PM @firecircle:
Great song twank love how the vocals are working


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