Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan


album: A Whiff or Two
genre: Rock
streams: 25

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Up It's not clear, In fact it's a little hazy A sense of doom Is hangin' round Am I depressed? Or just goin' crazy More than gravity Holds me down When...
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Volker Heigelmann on keys, Mike Round on lead guitar, Randy Perryman on drums, I'm playing bass, rhythm guitar and acoustic lead.  Photo by Regina Palmer,...
09/15/21 10:27:43AM @ronbowes:
Nice blend of musicians A surf rock sound to it Twank. Cool one ;-)
Queen Regina
09/15/21 05:41:23AM @queen-regina:
UP. Great song of truth. All I want is up! Great song, voice, lyrics & composition. And awesome choice of photo, for the message. Honored to contribute the photo. Blessings. #QueenReginaPickHit
09/14/21 08:29:25PM @moquinn:
Wow! an overused expression I use too often ~ this was awesome ~ a great collaboration of musicians ~ a rich & solid sound ~ lots of the lyrics I can relate to ~ thank you for sharing your music

09/14/21 04:15:54PM @firecircle:
Cool song Twank-great blend of sounds and a very true lyric
09/14/21 03:44:53PM @bustert:
going crazy i would say- it`s real good song after a hard day...


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