Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan


album: Rogue Fungi
genre: psychedelic rock
streams: 66

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Prayers get answered, when you least expectA wink a nod and realize, you’ve failed to protectThat certain understanding of how things will ever beStrike the...
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Proud to share the very latest Rogue Fungi tune!  Stay tuned for more
Melani Cholie
10/02/21 06:18:42AM @melani-cholie:
jazzy vibes here.....looks a bit Like Emerson lake and Palmer
09/30/21 03:29:06PM @firecircle:
very enjoyable track-ye know yer classics :)-great music as well enjoy your sonic dreamscapes
09/24/21 05:03:17PM @bustert:
this is really my sound-yeah!
Queen Regina
09/21/21 08:01:34AM @queen-regina:
Aah, The Greek Godess known for sexual love and beauty.
When you said cut off the parts you don't need,
I thought this was about a Morphadite. Haha. But I Google it. 😆 🤣 😂. Great song. @Twank-whelan #QueenReginaPickhit

09/20/21 10:43:32PM @moquinn:
Wow!!! I am usually not at a loss for words....but...Wow!!!...yes, I love the break too that @bad-love-junkie mentions in his comment.....very powerful song....a few of your lyrics really hit home with me....
I enjoy your music

09/20/21 08:20:24PM @bad-love-junkie:
I am a huge fan of you Ricky and Rogue Fungi! Some fantastic lyrics. Loving the break BIG time!!! A great delivery Dave. Feeling the high energy of the track. Great work from all involved!


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