Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Yvonne Gets Reckless

album: single
genre: Blues
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  Song Lyrics
Well, I don’t fool nobodyNo need for pretenseI’m living my lifeUnder the influenceAnd I’m recklessI’m reckless with loveJust liable to go offIn ways you...
  Song Information
Yvonne getting in on the vocals, with some choice lines just for her   Michael Round on lead guitar and harp
Yvonne Gets Reckless
10/10/21 02:58:34PM @firecircle:
Cool very cool song Twank lovin the lyric and the deliveries
10/02/21 04:30:48PM @bad-love-junkie:
First off nice picture Dave. Nice to hear Yvonne again joining you here on vocals. Great swing to this. Hearing her voice made me smile. Enjoyed this one my friend. Peace Eric
Farrell Jackson
10/02/21 09:56:53AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool bit of blues Twank.
Melani Cholie
10/02/21 06:15:35AM @melani-cholie:
good mix from blues rock and countryrock. Nice solo
Michael Slider
09/30/21 06:14:05PM @michael-slider:
Great song Twank !!!


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