Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Yvonne Suzanne

album: A Whiff or Two
genre: Rock
streams: 30

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Me on guitar and vocals, Allan Bell on everything else, thanks Allan!
Yvonne Suzanne
Michael Slider
11/13/21 09:09:10PM @michael-slider:
11/10/21 03:11:23PM @bad-love-junkie:
Great song Dave :)
Farrell Jackson
11/09/21 09:46:35AM @farrell-jackson:
Some cool rock 'n' roll Twank! Is Allan Bell the same guy that does some collabs with JRodz?
11/08/21 06:08:54PM @wricky:
Great song ! I like it gets out there right quick and gets busy , way to go !


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