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Twank Whelan

Pass it On - with Tristyn Leach and Anthony Gee

album: single
genre: songwriter
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Pass it On Need a coat? I got twoOne for him, one for youA warm shirt extra shoesTake whatever you can usePass it on  Younger days lean and roughSaddled now...
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Tristyn on guitars, Anthony Gee on keyboards, thanks fellas
Pass it On - with Tristyn Leach and Anthony Gee
02/26/22 12:26:58PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Dave and Tristyn. One of my all-time favorite songs and this version is so laid back. Perfect for the lyrical subject matter :) Such a cool number.

01/28/22 07:04:55AM @tristynleach:
how strange that you should post this song i was sorting some tracks the other day and came across my vocal version and the wah guitar. will get around to posting it sometime too, nice to hear again, tc guys
01/27/22 05:49:09PM @the-dick-layman:
One of my favorites from you :) Hats off to all three of you. Nice and chilled vibe. Pass it on... Don't mind if I do.

Shifter Sisters
01/27/22 05:02:39PM @shifter-sisters:
I love this Twank! Good calm rhythm and catchy tune!
Regards and hugs!

01/27/22 04:02:51PM @bustert:
true bass, nice guitar , fine organ with a good singer- all you need...
tony cee
01/27/22 02:10:16PM @tony-cee:
nice catchy song love the keys .....cheers tony cee


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