Walker Caine
Walker Caine

Headlights on the Highway

album: Soft Shoulder
genre: Southern Rock
streams: 113

Headlights on the Highway
01/18/10 06:31:04PM @tlt50:
Great intro and build..... you nailed this !! Vocals do the vibe well. Major talents on this track..... Kudos !!

Larry T

01/18/10 06:15:59PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Very unusual guitar tones in the 2 tunes here. As another Mix artist said the other day, need the right car to listen to this in and, I'll have to add, someone to teach me how to drive! Yeah I like this and true to genre. Creates all sorts of filmic imagery. Good listen. ftlpope
01/18/10 04:09:42PM @ed-drury:
Love the intro. Great patient build into something wonderful, heavy and full of good rock energy. The vocals are very espressive and compelling. Really, rocks!
Fat Rat Productions
01/18/10 09:07:33PM @fat-rat-productions:
Great song, sweet beat, vocals superb, this rocks. Rat!


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