Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth and Rowley

Magic Mirror

genre: Folk
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Magic Mirror Warrioth & Rowley MP3 Song
Magic Mirror
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/17/21 01:56:06PM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Tony!!
tony cee
04/16/21 01:38:06PM @tony-cee:
love it very soothing to the ears nice work , superb ....cheers tony cee
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/16/21 11:35:53AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Bustert!!!
04/15/21 03:10:50PM @bustert:
Atmospheric,serial and a little bit of mddle age feal!
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/15/21 10:52:44AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Moe!!!!
04/14/21 09:27:35PM @moquinn:
Soothing....I need to be soothed...or I need to rawk....maybe a little of each.....my pretty car got a big scratch today...but it's OK I know someone who can fix
this song will take care of the soothing I need

Warrioth  and Rowley
04/14/21 06:17:42PM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Jim!!!
04/14/21 04:12:58PM @jimsae:
The atmosphere is perfect. Great stuff, April. And yes, ghostly! So many great layers of sonic texture. Another wonderful track!
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/14/21 10:13:40AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Farrell!!!!
Yes, near the end you can hear what appears to be some lady saying "what"!!!

Farrell Jackson
04/14/21 10:06:43AM @farrell-jackson:
A very nice, haunting song and sound April.....I hear the ghosts in there!



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