Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth and Rowley

New Song!!!!!!!!!!!!Like Your Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!REMIX!!!!!!!!!

user image 2021-02-19
By: Warrioth and Rowley
Posted in: Music
New Song!!!!!!!!!!!!Like Your Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!REMIX!!!!!!!!!

We have a new song!!!Tis called "Like Your Eyes"!!

We have remixed it because,we not happy about how the song starts+we have added some subtle flowery bits.Think it sounds better now.The thing is, we are aware though, that you can put too much into a song,in other words overdo it.We have overdone the title of this blog though,by putting in too many exclamation marks.So we think we have got the balance just about right on "Like Your Eyes",but if not..oh well..lol!!

When we first joined Mixposure,it took us quite a while to upload any songs,this is because..we had not got any songs!!Now we have,and love it!!We both know that Mixposure is a wonderful site,soo many talented,and incredible musicians here.People are also soo friendly.Since we have started listening to Mixposure radio,and joining in on the brilliant radio shows,we have heard such amazing and incredible songs.

Thank you April/Viaduce

Like Your Eyes


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