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90LB Wrench

Contrite Notion

genre: Hard Rock
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Contrite Notion
06/23/18 09:29:51PM @lleitao:
A good driving rocker! Sounds a lot like one of my nephew's Boston band Hot Fire's song. Well done!
Doctor C
10/30/11 08:32:07PM @doctor-c:
The opening chord hit me like a sledgehammer and I became your fan. What a cool song! Well done, guys!
10/30/11 06:52:17PM @tlt50:
Wrench....I'm no expert .... what I do hear is incredible musicianship....superb production..and outstanding songwriting... BRAVO..*****,

Larry T

10/29/11 11:17:04AM @josephrodz:
I'll be so honored to play your music on my show!
thanks for join the best indie site in the world.

10/28/11 09:58:49PM @dazed:
Excellent tune. Digging the guitars on this tune. Vocals are superb. I think this will be getting some Mix Radio Airplay.
01/08/12 04:36:17AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
GREAT TUNE!! It sounds like Tommy Shaw joined Alice in Chains to my ears, and that's f-n cool!
01/04/12 09:46:41AM @tobin-james:
That's some rock-solid s#$t, guys. Great mix, and good, tight harmonies. Really good...


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