Back in California

album: Baby Baby Blue
genre: Pop
streams: 66

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i saw her standing there flowers in her hair reminds me of a time way back in 69 we were young , flying on the breeze its all a mystery , how things turned...
Back in California
02/20/18 08:27:30PM @saturated:
Thanks for reviewing my Zinnia song!.. had to come check out your music and wow!! first song out of the blocks is a winner! love the sound of this.. nice lyrics and great sound all thru. Really like this tune!
02/20/18 10:26:44AM @akashaman:
Fungus-Dace "]
Love the vocsls now! There one thing i feel should be as dry as they can be. You have some FX on them but not so much there unreal. This sounds like you. Very nice! Guitars setting perfect
to blend not over/ride..sure pretty Tom..classy mix man!

Thanks a lot for checking it out again ya the vocals are better now I think

02/17/18 07:34:09PM @akashaman:
I re mixed the track and uploaded new file if anyone wants to re listen ! ha
TY so much everyone for the kind words ! ;)

Doug Dickens
02/17/18 12:50:45PM @doug-dickens:
Really enjoyed this song ... great radio play.
carol sue
02/16/18 09:34:08AM @carol-sue:
Journey of great sound!!
02/14/18 05:31:28AM @akashaman:
thanks my friends for the listen and kudos !
rock on ....

02/13/18 06:26:09PM @tlt50:
What an excellent track. So well done. Great lyrics and vocals.The music is fabulous, great vibes, with wonderful musicianship. *****

Larry T.

Farrell Jackson
02/11/18 09:54:19AM @farrell-jackson:
A real cool song about reminiscing. Some fine vocals and guitar work!



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