Baby Baby Blue

album: Baby Baby Blue
genre: Pop
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you know people come and goi thought you should knowits time to let it go ..baby baby blue , look what they`ve done to youbaby baby black , she aint comin`...
Baby Baby Blue
03/20/17 07:53:30PM @red-sheppen:
I love this as well - so many wonderful influences in your music...and you make it your own style sound. Digging the vocals in this - has a nice tone and multi layered
well done again

08/08/11 11:02:43AM @akashaman:
thanks for all the kudos folks , dont get around here much anymore , but need to get back at it !
08/08/11 09:04:28AM @bri-an:
.....great toons just stick with ya....thats what they do. :)
08/23/08 09:26:28PM @blue-sahara:
Hey, I am just listening to this great tune on Mixradio and I heard it last week too. I instantly fell in love with this song. Wonderful vocal treatments, beautiful Gilmour-esque guitar riffs ... Fantastic!

08/08/08 09:21:45AM @lex-zaleta:
Looking through the reviews this song has received leaves me with nothing new to add. They've covered the pristine production, the classy accompaniment, the rich vocals, the overall stunning impact his song has on each listener. Most certainly deserves the title track on your album!
06/27/08 08:45:50PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Love this, man. The opening is a bit "Floydish" and so is the feel (well, at least to me). You have, of course, your own distinctive style. Very nice vocals, as everyone already has eluded to. The instrumental arrangement is just perfect. I love the sound of the "softer" drum kit. Fits the mood perfectly for this song.

Well done, once again!


sly puppy
06/27/08 05:55:45AM @emocion:

Well Tom I shouldn't need to write anything at all about this here you KNOW how much I love this track.

This is a song that has everything single thing a song should have great vocals.Great Production.Great composition.

It is just so good that words betrey its brilliance for my money its one of the very best tracks I have ever heard on any OMD past or present.

Its good too see you here Tom.


06/26/08 02:50:04PM @tlt50:
Awesome production.... beautiful vocals..... !The track has just the right instrumentation.......layers,to give it room to breath,yet add depth and vibe..... Kudos..... OUTSTANDING !!!
Larry T

06/25/08 06:01:32PM @soundtrapper:
Layers of great sounds that sum a very cool tune with excellent vocals.
Mix is spot on to me.


Rob Grant
06/25/08 04:42:38PM @rayon-vert:
I really love the vocals on this track. The whole feel of this is EXCELLENT. It's very relaxing....a little spacey....a little dreamy.....It reminds of the band KINO, who I like VERY MUCH. EXCELLENT TRACK....MY FAVE!!!

Doctor C
06/25/08 09:36:14PM @doctor-c:
Hey man! Of course I remember you! How you been doing? Glad you're here, you'll see a lot of old faces around. What a superb song you've got here! Very cool arrangement and production. Is that you singing? The vox are great! Wonderful track. Gotta check the rest of them...
06/25/08 10:07:02PM @dazed:
love the intro here. vocals are fantastic! welcome to the site!


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