it always seems to happen that way

album: Baby Baby Blue
genre: Pop
streams: 335

  Song Lyrics
she left me standing in the rainlong before winter camewe drank too much , it`s getting latei cannot wait then i saw you in the parkway too long after...
  Song Information
my tribute to the pet shop boys
it always seems to happen that way
03/21/17 08:35:30AM @akashaman:
thanks everyone : !!
will be sharing new songs soon :)
thanks for kudos

10/30/13 12:27:13AM @amakua:
Never knew you did this, especially like the faster vocals.mreminds me a little of the early pet shop boys. Nice Chang up.
Rob Grant
05/19/09 01:01:32PM @rayon-vert:
You always have a SUPER Production...and this is RIGHT THERE!! Man!! I love the vocal effects. Your orchestration is awesome.........definitely an ELO influence. I'd say, not in sound, but in character and production....Very Classy!!! Very professional!!!

05/19/09 12:48:51AM @anaji:

I really like the stylte...

in a way it reminds me a lot of Maroon5...

Honestly great

05/17/09 11:08:16AM @blue-sahara:
Akashaman, this name has a prominent place in my memory. I've always enjoyed listening to your tunes. Lovely, synthy-based melodies, great arrangement and a superb vocal performance! Always a treat to tune in to one of your songs!

05/24/09 03:14:49PM @tlt50:
Coooool intro....sets the stage for a fabulous track.The mix and production are stellar.The vocals ,songwriting and musicianship are amazing.Exceptionally well done.... BRAVO !!

Larry T*****

05/25/09 05:34:47PM @vesa:
Cool image that goes with this tune.
This song is cool as well. That title sound like my weekly life...everything but what I need (lol)...
Great tune, spacey, fun tantilizing techno...great playing....your vocals are DYNAMIC...really a cosmic blend -fine voice tone...like those perky synth soundz. Great lyrics...This is well arranged and your singing is most top notch. Genuine stuff. Love this composition. Nice complimenting overlapping sounds. Great production. A fave...into my file it goes, but to be listend to again. Original.
GREAT! -You fan & friend, from the land-up-over.


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