Rub Your Hands With Honey (and Lick'em)

album: 1983
genre: Electro Pop
streams: 118

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Ummnn Rub your hands with honey (and lick'em) Title is funny.  I like that. One of the first songs I ever wrote with digital production in mind. It was...
Rub Your Hands With Honey (and Lick'em)
09/18/10 12:14:03PM @eshar:
So I was sat thinking about you and hoping that you're well...cos I haven't seen you around for a couple of days.
Umm...also I was thinking "how can I get abe to upload more of his music here?"....And then I had a "aha" moment.

Well I know you're not in it for the reviews, the fame, the money, the cars, the chicks...tee hee.

This and Distance by Digits are among my all time faves of yours.

A superb composition.

06/27/10 12:54:35AM @dj-jezza:
hey dude, remember me from looper? im sure it was you over there lol, well ive nicked this cool tune for my upcoming dj show, cya there friday !
09/15/09 10:27:24AM @mark-reed:
The title drew me to this one, this is impressive, having just read the song info. Good gentle groove with some nice mbience well done
09/20/09 01:58:39PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
very professional - from a very restful sonic zone - will look up more later


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