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Mario's Lament

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Mario's Lament
06/26/10 08:25:25AM @mark-reed:
Just the chill needed for a steaming hot day, nothing wrong with this what so ever. Enjoyed every note, lovely piece of music well done
10/03/06 09:15:26PM @atavist-music:
Good job man, this sounds like the kind of thing to listen to in the car late at night, in fact if it were downloadable I would have done just that :)
09/26/06 06:53:12PM @michael-nunley:
Very smooth and clean. This is the kinda jazz I can listen to all day.
Great post and a very relaxing listen. - lead guitar could probobly come up in the mix 10% more over the piano but i'm beeing picky ... I LIKE this !
Great first listen of the night for me. Thanks !


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