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Arnie Guitar

Distant Blues

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genre: Blues
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Distant Blues
10/15/08 11:20:35AM @mark-reed:
I've not heard anything by you before, but this is excellent. Solid backing and an accomplished guitar line well done
06/17/08 05:57:08PM @jeff-lustick:
Smokin' blues guitar-I really liked the lead riffs and the bass line. Well done. I'll be back to listen for more!!!!
04/21/08 03:21:53PM @ked-records:
Brother i have ALWAYS enjoyed your playing. You have that tone that seems to come built in from birth. Phrasing and execution are just freakin stellar. I am and always be a fan of your work
02/17/08 07:58:53PM @nightrain:
Nice Playing.
01/19/07 05:07:31PM @michael-nunley:
I love the lead lines here . The pleasently complex bass line stayed sharp too.
A good jam for sure. ( and not just the sm57 you used )


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