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Easy Street (collab w/ Scott Jenkins)

album: Collabs
genre: Rock
streams: 48

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lyrics by Scott Jenkins ( )   Easy Street Never been in love, But I've never been lonely, I tried to make a living, But...
Easy Street (collab w/ Scott Jenkins)
02/13/13 03:38:34PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Well cover me in Gentleman's Relish and call me Geraldine! Give that man a contract on Vertigo records - or are they out of business? ftlpope
Farrell Jackson
12/15/12 09:23:07AM @farrell-jackson:
Where do you keep finding these cool songs and riffs Finn? One after another you keep them coming to rock our minds. I've been meaning to mention this for some time now: you have a unique sound with your guitar playing and tone but it's not just this song it's with all your songs. I can't quite put my ear to it, sort of treble heavy but not in an abrasive way because you do have the bottom frequencies covered quite well. Effects pedals or just a cranked tube amp and guitar? How ever you do it keep doing it because it works!



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