Badly Touched
Badly Touched

Dont Need

album: Unknown album (03/06/2011 13:29:05)
genre: Rock
streams: 53

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Dont need to be in shit town to know i'm not having fun!Dont need to wear dark glasses, when i'm not looking at the sun.Dont need to taste my vomit, to tell...
Dont Need
06/16/11 12:23:51AM @jciliom:
Great track! Sounds something like Kill Bill or Vice City. It sets up for an intro or some action about to happen or happening. Keep up the great work! Peace and Blessings
retarded potential
06/16/11 05:22:18AM @retarded-potentials:
Love the fuzzed up bass and everything else about it top to bottom. Its just in your face. Another for the favorites list. Can't wait to see what else you guys share, stay you. Theres enough compromising out there in the world today.
06/18/11 09:00:48AM @marc-morlock:
Indeed a "Great Track"

...when I jump I can fly...Oh Yeah...

06/23/11 01:58:52PM @autopilot-club:
Really like the psychedelic garagesound you guys have, dirty & intense. Thanks for posting those great lyrics, gave the tune extra depth. Excellent stuff!


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