ChoclateChip featuring Gabriel Sabadi

album: BraceImpact
genre: Ambient
streams: 184

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some fresh homade choclate chip cookies
ChoclateChip featuring Gabriel Sabadi
Incarnate Word
03/20/10 12:42:11AM @incarnate-word:
Nice kinda steele Dan ish. with synthesis overlays. this is an adventurous piece and you do it flawlessly. excellent job. sound mix is killer on this too. very cool guitar expression.
01/31/08 10:00:11AM @brian-mattson:
Ambient? Well I do know this is a great groove, with savy improvs! I love everything about this track, first class music all the way!!! EXCELLENT!!!
01/31/08 07:58:19AM @mark-reed:
When I listen to this I get the Beck/Hammer style. The entire piece oozes feel, In parts it reminds me of the Beck cover of the Charlie Mingus number Mr Pork Pie Hat.

Great piece of work

01/31/08 01:21:18AM @tlt50:
A great the keys....Out,freakin'standing.Grab a drum track and let the music flow.The music flows with superb musicianship and a understanding of what it takes to put a track together. Beautiful work gentleman.....!!!!!
Larry T.........

01/30/08 09:55:01PM @self-tort:
Very cool track with a very live feel to it. Nice playing all round. Excellent.
01/30/08 09:36:49PM @dazed:
Nice jam guys. Sounds like you just sat in a room and played. Very nice.
Dizzy Fingers Ike
01/30/08 05:03:45PM @dizzy-fingers-ike:
and yet another great improv.

very, very cool!


01/30/08 02:45:47PM @that-never-was:
Pure Groove! Love it. You guys sound great together!
Rob Grant
01/30/08 06:34:33PM @rayon-vert:
Real nice feel and a cool listen. Nice keyboard addition, added a little more dimension....NOT, that ya needed it :-) You guys pulled off some real nice "live" dynamics on this track. Good Job!


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