album: BraceImpact
genre: Instrumental
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hungry... go for a snak !!
Incarnate Word
03/20/10 12:43:59AM @incarnate-word:
Excellent Drums in the intro. Killer bass line too. this is a mellow funkanator. Rock on dude. this is really cool. its like a post modern Jazz kinda thing going on. excellent man, I really like this one.
01/31/08 11:45:14PM @tlt50:
Funky.....EXCELLENCE !!The bass and guitar grooves are kickin'***** I know you guys are enjoying yourselves and it comes thru with an exciting, jammin',sweet flowing listen.....!!!! Great work ..... :-)

Larry T.....

01/31/08 11:10:48PM @surfnorthwest:
Got to agree with others here, good funk and nicley put together. The drums at times were hard to follow but with as busy as the tune as it was probably just me. Enjoyed the track, good job!
Rob Grant
01/31/08 06:53:36PM @rayon-vert:
SUPER Funk Jam, on ALL parts. Tight, slappy bass....and gutsy lead............GREAT JAM!! Frickin' wild bass work at 2:30....LOVE THIS!!

01/31/08 06:38:21PM @michael-nunley:
Cool jam. So, the title... is this a scale with "no C " ? (g)

01/31/08 06:29:38PM @diva:
Got that funkeeee thang going good on this one. I expected to see Bootsy Collins pass through ... or maybe James Brown?

I lkike the groove on this alot. Lots of cool things happening in this.

01/31/08 04:48:26PM @rob-hanlon:
I like the rhythm and feel of this. Real nice jamming sound.


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