album: BraceImpact
genre: Ambient
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FOOD for the MIND
Incarnate Word
03/20/10 12:46:26AM @incarnate-word:
this is like pink Floyd meets Egypt. Ked I love your musical expressiveness. never a dull moment. this is like a stone Jam sandwich. very cool arrangement. excellent sound production. great Job.
07/07/08 01:01:26PM @saitkoray:
agree with brain who says "Interesting concept you've got going here" professional drum and guitar line...great ound quality...overl . great job my friend...
02/29/08 06:45:03AM @sandz:
Excellent groove in this one. The bass line is great with that funky guitar strum. The guitar tone is perfect with a touch of pink floyd delay. Keep it up!
02/28/08 09:07:27PM @self-tort:
Interesting concept you've got going here. It's sure worked on this track with a really great vibe slipping out. Has great sense of immediacy. You two guys must be very sympatico to get a concept such as this to work so effectively. Congrats


02/28/08 05:47:33PM @brian-mattson:
Excellent ... this is one tight groove ya got goin on! Great job!!
02/28/08 10:50:50AM @mark-reed:
Good track this, liked the mood, the funk bass is great. Solid piece of work nice one
02/27/08 09:34:58PM @rob-hanlon:
Real smooth groove and tasty performance. Well Done.
02/27/08 09:20:58PM @tlt50:
Ambient..........damn' this is sweeeeeet !.Awesome bass lines with a solid groove.True musicianship. So, how do you get that big bear to lay down those excellent guitar goodies.:-) Fabulous !! Canucks Rule !!
"drive for show and putt for DOUGH" Great work guys !!!!
larry T.........

02/27/08 05:00:42PM @michael-nunley:
The way you have this one mixed, it sounds like you left room for vocals...not that it needs them. This has a neat funky groove and very lyrical bass line to go with the guitar tracks. Nice work guys !


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