Brian Hazelbower
Brian Hazelbower

The Harbour City Beat (The Nanaimo Song)

album: Back to the muse
genre: Unknown
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Harbour City Beat (The Nanaimo Song) Written by Jerry Paquette and Brian Hazelbower    CHORUS Nun nun nun naaa na Nanaimo Nun nun nun naaa na Nanaimo Nun...
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Jerry and I wrote the chorus for this tune a few years ago, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to record it with him as he passed away earlier in 2010. I...
The Harbour City Beat (The Nanaimo Song)
Brett Service
10/16/13 11:03:57PM @brett-service:
Great work here Brian...Nanaimo sounds like quite the place. Lived in Canada over 40 years, and still have yet to get to BC. One of these years... Guitar work in this song is stellar, and your vocals have that great edge needed in a song like this. The horn arrangement is perfect, and the production quality is right on too.
Nanaimo b
12/02/10 01:47:40AM @brian-hazelbower:
Thanks all for the very kind words, very much appreciated!!
Farrell Jackson
11/11/10 01:51:28PM @farrell-jackson:
The slide guitar is great on this country rocker but I'm liking it all. Yep this one would work well at any honky tonk dance club!


11/11/10 12:09:14PM @cooter:

Thank you for sharing this great tune with us. I am diggin this tune, good sir.

This tune is catchy as fly-paper. Love the writing and production. You had my toes tapping all the way through... all three times I listened.

What a great listen this tune is, Brian.


11/11/10 08:46:17AM @bluesydude:
Super guitar work and sharp vocals. Love the arrangement with the horns. A very uplifting song that makes you wanna dance. Thanks for sharing.
11/13/10 01:16:02PM @mistah-a:
What a fun tune! Well performed and produced. This could easily be a commercial success wake up Labels the real talent isn't where lookin it's here just listen to this artist and his music.


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