Up From The Ashes

genre: Instrumental Hard Rock
streams: 86

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This song was inspired by my studio-in-progress building burned to the ground. I lost several guitars and bass guitars as well as computers and so many...
Up From The Ashes
Barefoot Music
10/12/18 07:22:17AM @barefoot-music-group:
Very provocative arrangement and really love your guitar's tone. Glad you are recovering and this beautiful gem came from that disaster.
Bryan Stevens
10/07/18 08:23:37PM @bryan-stevens:
Thanks a lot!... It was a bitter pill but nothing is gained from letting it get the best of me..I appreciate it much...
Gary Dabrowski
10/07/18 07:01:55PM @gary-dabrowski:
whoa!...I like this one...(sorry to read about the fire)


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